Day Trip from Launceston - South



This is part of a series of suggested day trips from Launceston.

This one to the south is a half day trip.

If you are into cheese and wine, then follow the map below clockwise.  If you like coffee and a sweet treat, then go anti-clock.  If you like both......  tough!  lol.  Or you could try to fit it all in.




All lovers of wine and cheese should put this place on your 'must do' list.

Josef Chromy Winery was named amongst the top wineries in Australia 2022.

The setting is gorgeous overlooking a lovely lake that is used for weddings.  The cheese board is pretty cool.  You pay for the wine tastings but I am the first to say that is worth it.  Check out the photos below.  😍🍷

Wines?  Mmm, they are good.  I wouldn't say they are the best because you will probably agree with me that the boutique wineries do that so much better.  But for a large winery, if I saw one of their wines on a restaurant menu, I would be happy to buy.




Evandale is becoming one of our favourite places for lunch.  The Clarendon Arms Pub really turns it on.  Apart from the old english style interior including fireplace, the food is more restaurant quality than pub.  It has a warm and comfortable feeling.  They have obviously utilised the various rooms downstairs to accommodate personal dining.  It is a maze to walk through with various nooks and crannys everywhere you look.  Bringing the old into the new with such style.

Btw, I would book ahead as it is very popular.

We also like visiting here because the main street has such interesting shops.  All designed for the tourist and visitor.  I guess that being close to the airport is advantageous too as people that have to wait for a flight can easily pay Evendale a visit.




Longford is not too far from us.  When we first moved here we  looked at Longford Caravan Park.  We are very glad that we chose Hadspen above Longford because we are closer to Launceston, we have better public transport and the cost is $100 cheaper per week, plus electricity and WIFI is included in our site fees here at Hadspen.  We have the IGA out front along with Post Office, hair dresser and Bottle-O.  What more could you want.

We recently found out the the caravan park at Longford got evacuated due to the river flooding.  Even though some places in Hadspen were flood efected and we had to drive around the long way to get to Launceston due to the South Esk River flooding down the road, we are still glad that we made the decision not to live at Longford.

That being said, Longford does have a couple of foodie suggestions.  


This is a basic pub but I would have to say that the food is pretty good and reasonably priced.
We will be back so stay tuned for more pix.



Coffee and cake here is soooo good.  😉

 I am not a real sweets person however I had a coffee and strawberry jelly topped cheesecake slice.  Oh Wow!  It was awesome.

We came back here and had some lunch.  The dishes are nicely presented and very tasty.  Finished off with a beer and we were nicely satisfied.




Perth.  Really?

Haha, yes Tasmania has a little village called Perth and here is the proof!

For those that come from or know Western Australia, you just have to take a quick side trip to Perth lol.


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