There is nothing more exciting than taking a photo that has the WoW effect!

It almost mirrors the actual WoW that we get from rounding a corner in our travels and coming across an amazing view!

My photography has come along in leaps and bounds since I have progressed to the fabulous DSLR world.  Starting off with a Canon 60D, I am now using an 80D and loving it.  My much loved 60D is now in the hands of my son who has also taken an interest in photography.  The reason why I have kept to crop sensors rather than the full frame is that they are lighter and have a pull out adjuster viewer on the back so that I can get down low or up high to take photos without getting down on my knees or piggybacking someone for that shot. 

My favourite Genres are Artistic, Flowers, Night and Landscapes.      I would like to practice more on Street, Macro and Portraiture.

Speaking about artistic, I would say that I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but that was until I discovered Photoshop and Topaz Labs.  Now I actually feel like an artist.  Check out the Art link below.


So below are links to my pages on Photography.  I will be adding photos to these genres from time to time, so please come back.












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