My name is Ann.  I live in Tasmania, Australia.  For now.

Why aussirose?  

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 I am a travel addict and photographer.  I do not make money from my photography, there is too much competition out there and besides, I want to continue to enjoy what I do.  Of course I may take this on more seriously when I retire.  That is 3 years away and can't come quick enough.


I have had this blog for many years now.  It's a shame that blogging has been pretty much replaced by videos and recently tic-toc shorts because most people these days have the attention span of a fish.

As you can see from the links to the right, I have completed many pages and stories of travels and photography.  If you have sumbled across this site, then I hope that I can entertain you for a little while.




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Below are a few of my favourite photos.

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I have come a long way since my first DSLR, Canon 60D in 2013.  I have always enjoyed taking photos since very small.  I did not think I would join the DSLR world as I loved my Fuji Finepix water proof point and shoot.  But following hubby's great shots with his first DSLR in Europe 2011, I knew I had to relent and get one myself.

It's been photo wars ever since.

😉 😎

I have tried all genres and love the challenge of being out of my comfort zone.

I tend to gravitate more towards macro photography with flowers being my favourite. 

 I find street photography really interesting.  You need to be creative as we don't want to see just people walking on streets.  That's boring.

I have always loved night photography but unfortunately don't really have much of a chance to pursue this genre at the moment.  Come on retirement!

Hubby and I both do a lot of landscape photography as we enjoy our drives of discovery.  However you will often see me saying to hubby to go ahead as I am happy to sit on my little three pronged chair, taking phots of tiny flowers, weeds and grass lol. Or moss and lichen and maybe babbling creeks etc.

Anyway, enough of my rant.



Canada - Jasper, Rocky Mountains

As travel addicts, hubby and I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, USA, parts of Canada, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Morocco, Bali, Belize and most of Malaysia and surrounding islands.

Below is a small capture of some of the places that we have been to in no particular order.

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Brugge, Belgium

Yangtze River, China

Kumarakom Backwaters, India

Nomad Camp Sahara, Morocco



Kuala Lumpur

Pulau Tioman

Pulau Manukan

Pulau Perhentian

Caye Caulker, Belize

White Water Rafting, Ocoee River, Tennessey

Ocoee River, Tennessey

Disney, Orlando

New Orleans




Salmon Fishing, Fraser River, Canada

Vancouver Skyline, Canada

Bow Lake, Canadian Rockies

Mt Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

Bowen Island, Vancouver

Old Village, Chongqing, China

Lier, Belgium

City of Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain


The Big Lap

In 2021 hubby and I started our Big Lap around Australia early May. 

2022 and we saw the new year in at a quiet recreational reserve in Cavendish, Victoria, just south of the Grampians.

We have seen some amazing places in Australia.  Check them out on the links to your right.

You are also welcome to follow me on my youtube channel - aussirose travels.

80 Mile Beach, Northern WA

Cape Leveque, Northern WA

Paradise Beach, Coral Bay WA

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay, Nanarup near Albany, Southern WA

Bremer Bay, Southern WA

Mt Barker, Southern WA

Derby, Northern WA

In the Rocks, Half way between Karijini and Port Hedland, WA

Nalbarra Station, Daggar Hills, Mid WA

Coppins Gap near Marble Bar, Mid WA

Cheela Plains Station, Mid WA

In the Rocks, Half way between Karijini and Port Hedland, WA

In the Rocks, WA

Everlastings Wild Flowers, Paynes Find, Mid WA

Cockburn Range near Kununurra, Northern WA

Ivanhoe Crossing near Kununurra, Northern WA

Gibb River Road West, Northern WA

Tookie visits Bell Gorge, Gibb River Road Part 1, Northern WA

Gibb River Road West, Part 1, Northern WA

Windjana Gorge, Gibb River Road West, Part 1, Northern WA

Tookie visits El Questro, Gibb River Road West, Part 2, Northern WA

Lake Argile, Northern WA

Mataranka Hot Springs, NT

Litchfield National Park, NT

Glen Helen Gorge, MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs, NT

Glen Helen Gorge, MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs, NT

Sign in the middle of nowhere, MacDonnell Ranges NT

Simpsons Gap, MacDonnell Ranges NT

Ellery Creek Big Hole, MacDonnell Ranges NT

Uluru Sounds of Silence Dinner, NT

Uluru Sounds of Silence Dinner, NT

Uluru, NT

Uluru, NT

Ulgas, NT

To be continued....



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I have created interactive maps of the places we have been and things to do.

  You can use them to check out some photos of places that may interest you and then click on the page link on the right hand side for the full story.

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SA Maps page link

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