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This page is part of a series of day trips from Launceston.  The western region is fast becoming our favourite because of the lovely scenery.

Bet you have been to Paradise..... But not the real Paradise?

How about the Promised Land?

Did you know that there is a place that exists that is called Nowhere Else?...

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    Obviously not much here except the lovely South Esk River.  I have added Hadspen because we live in the Caravan Park here.

Also the drive through Hadspen, Carrick, Westbury towards Deloraine is much nicer than taking the highway.  You can drive back via the highway.

For all the latest information on Hadspen and life in and around the caravan park, click on Hadspen to your right.



This is our local water hole, about 7 minutes drive up the road from Hadspen.  

We often come here for Sunday lunch.  It's always almost packed in the dining room and no wonder why, the food is good reasonably priced pub grub.  The portions are quite big so we often share.  They have 2 fires, an open one in the pub area and a closed one in the dining area.  Nice a cosy.

There's plenty of parking around the side and back and they have a Thirsty Camel Bottlo out the back.  Not that we nedd a Bottlo, we have one right out the front of the caravan park.  Very convenient.




This is a gorgeous town.  So pretty.  The Meander River runs through town and is a photographer's dream.

The village itself is like a small version of  Melany in Queensland with it's local wares, gift shops and good old fashion coffee shops and bakeries.



Here, just outside of Deloraine is one of our favourite lunchtime platters.  

21 South Salmon Farm does smoked salmon 3 ways.  
Check the picture below.  
So good!

This is a natural Salmon Farm where they make good use of the flowing river to divert some of the water to holding tanks where the fish can gradually and naturally gain weight and then transfer to then be harvested in their natural habitat.

Down near the house is a couple of big ponds where you can feed the fish which is a fun thing to do.  Check out my video below.  You can pay a small price and go on a self guided bush walk around the property and up to the waterfall.  It is well kept and a pleasure to stroll around.  Tasmania is the home of bush walks and hikes.  This is just enough for me.  And a place that I will come back to time and time again.




Cute... you say.  Yep, that.... it is.
And that's about all there is to Chudleigh.

Well apart from a fantastic little honey shop.

In fact, blink, and you'll miss this village.  See the honey shop, and you need to pull over.

Melita honey farm is a place that we have visited twice now and there will be more time.  I have never soon so much of a choice of honey.  They have so many flavours!  Like, lots and lots!

You can taste as many as you want.  Hubby and I both like the Leatherwood Honey and I love the Lavender Honey.  I also bought a small jar of chilli honey which is just right on lavosh, teamed with cheese.  Yuuum!  I have also included it in marinades to give a small kick.

Btw, Lavender Honey drizzled over vanilla ice-cream is devine.

😎 🍨  😍





We have found our Toodyay counterpart, only way better!  

In Western Australia we had a rustic bush get-away complete with outside hot tub.  
I am the spa or hot tub queen!  

Here in Mole Creek, just up the road from 41 South and Deloraine are Blackwood Park Cottages.  Funnily enough the old cabin near Toodjay was called Blackwattle Retreat.   

The good thing about Blackwood Park Cabins compared to the other lot is the view and stunning interior.  We were also treated to fresh bread, farm eggs, milk, butter and thick bacon.  That was an additional treat that we did not expect. 

The owner Shane is very knowledgeable and made us feel very welcome.  You can book through  Make sure that you book the cabins with the spa.  There are only 2.



Mole Creek Pub is well known for its wonderful country hospitality and great pub home made meals.  We can vouch for this and in addition, do buy their home cooked small cob loaf.  It comes out warm accompanied with butter.  They do need to serve it with cheese and dips.  That would be a fabulous meal in itself.

View out front looking across the road



Most of these places that I am reviewing have a view of the majestic Mount Roland.  January is when the farmers bale up the fields of wheat.  We were able to find a great spot to take photos of hay bales with Mount Roland in the background.



If you are staying at Mole Creek for a few days and interested in seeing what there is to do in the area, then this next tip is for you.  I have included a Map below.

On a recent trip to Mole Creek, I wanted to take a drive out to Parsons Falls.  Unfortunately, the road was blocked and we could not drive the full distance.  So we ended up at Fisher River Scenic Lookout. 

Not far down the road from the lookout is a creek that is really pretty.
Check out the photos below and video at the end of this blog.



So....  We can officially say that we have been to Paradise.


Don't believe me?  Well here is the sign in the middle of nowhere to prove it.  Lol.

Yes, I was hard up to find any signs to show you all that we drove through Paradise.
You would think that the locals would capitalise more on their unique place.
Maybe they thought they could hide a bit of Paradise.
Nope.....  aussirose has been there!
And now it's plastered all over the internet.....  pfft,.... as if..... I wish....  haha.





Who calls their towns Paradise and the Promised Land?  

You'd have to have something to show for that.... right?

Surely you could capitalise on that..... right?

Maybe, a cafe, or a pub or a gift shop..... Or at least a service station that sells memorabilia that says 'I've been to Paradise or I've been to the Promised Land.'

But.... No.

Here we are in the middle of nowhere west of Launceston in the middle of nowhere.
And Paradise and Promised Land are nothing but fields with the occasional farm house...
in the middle of nowhere.




So, just when you were thinking..... is there any where else?



Well, fall over backwards!

I have photos to prove it!!





We had a wonderful lunch here.  The inside is lovely and cosy with a fireplace.  We enjoyed lunch on the balcony overlooking bushland.

Sadly, the Inn burnt down.

Photo from ABC News



We needed fuel so took a detour up the road to Wilmot.

Wilmot is a quaint little village.  Not much there, but the staff at the petrol station were welcoming.  I stolled across the road to take a photo of the wall art and a few shot of the rusty tin shed.



We didn't do Moina and Wilmot this time. 

We went from Nowhere Else to Sheffield to have lunch.

Lunch at the Pub in Sheffield was real good.  I would recommend it.  Today ws a bit cold to sit outside.  Hopefully next time.



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