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Now that we have settled in Tasmania, let's show you around.

This is part of a series of pages designed to show you day trips from Launceston.  Places will be added as we discover them.

So below is a map of a North-West day trip from Launceston.

So far, we have visited Elizabeth Town Christmas Hills Rasberry Farm Cafe, Devonport, Ulverstone, Penguin and Beauty Point.

The other places that we think are worth visiting are The Bakery & Big Apple at Spreyton, Squeaking Point, Bakers Beach, Badger Head, and Tamar Valley Wine Centre at Exeter.

As we add more places to see and things to do, you can choose your own itinery by checking out our experiences below.  As you can see, the map is expanding therefore you won't be able to check out everything below in one day.  So many choices.  




Driving towards Devonport from Launceston, half way you will see the Christmas Hills Rasberry Farm sign.  Don't drive past.  This is worth a stop.  As the name suggests, it is a rasberry farm so they do quite a few rasberry dishes.  I had the bubbles cocktail with rasberry liquor and a couple of rasberries.  There are a few rasberry deserts to choose from.  The food here is good and the view is nice as well.

Next door is an ice creamery so you cannot go wrong here.  Even if you just stop for a devonshire tea or coffee, it is worth it.


If you are here during December and January, that is when the poppies are out in full bloom.  Tasmania has recently taken to growing fields of poppies for medical use.  

We stopped to take some photos.



Devonport is where the Spirit of Tasmania comes in.  We took a visit to see if there is more than the ship dock.

We can't say that we had a good visit here.  We found a quaint cafe for breakfast called the Laneway Cafe.  It has great writeups on Google but our breakfast wasn't anything to writeup about.  I have to say that bacon and maple syrup is interesting.  That's about it.

The rest of the time in Deavonport wasn't pleasant as we accidently got a parking ticket when I thought that I had downloaded the app and used it properly.  Needless to say I won't be using that app again.
We now make sure that we have coins in the car for parking.  Launceston has a major parking problem.  Unless you park in Wollies or Coles, then you have to ensure you pay at the metres or else you will be fined.

Hopefully next time we come to Devonport we might have a better experience.



We didn't see too much of Ulverstone on another drive that we took on Anzac Holiday.
We stopped briefly at the beach - Buttons Beach and I had a play with my Omni crystals.  Then we had some lunch at Pedro's Fish & Chip Cafe.  The restaurant unfortunately was closed.




 Fancy calling your town Penguin?  Anyway, they do have an Australian Big Thing.  Yes, you guessed it, a big Penguin right in town opposite the beach.  Unfortunately, we could not get near it to take a photo due to the road being shut off for the morning Anzac service.  Oh well, another reason to come back.

We liked the look of Penguin town.  As we drove past and along the coast road with glimpses of the beach, there was a railway line that hugged the coast in between the road and the sea.  We need to check that out as that could be a great ride if it is open to the public.  Stay tuned.



Hubby took the school kids to Platapus House here at Beauty Point.  Hubby is a school bus driver.

We decided to stop and check out Seahorse World which is also here.  The cost was pretty good and we were nicely surprised how great it was for the price.  I would totally recommend.

Weedy Seadragon

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