Day Trip From Launceston - North



Now that we have settled in Launceston, I will do my best to show you around.

The next series of pages are of day trips from Launceston.  There is so much to do and see here in Tasmania that I have broken my pages down to - North, North-West, North-East, South, West, South-West and South-East.

I will be adding places to these pages as we discover more.  Tasmania is food and wine heaven so if you are in to that, you will enjoy my latest pages.

Oh and if you love photography, outdoor activities and scenery, then you are also in for a treat as Tasmania has that and so much more.  

So grab a snack and drink and enjoy.  I hope that we can encourage you to come way downunder to Tassie for a fantastic get-away!  





Highlights going north are Grindelwald, a fantastic winery at Kayena and scenic Low Head.



Grindelwald is the home of a Swiss Village in Tasmania.
Grindelwald Swiss Village.

In fact all houses in the small township of Grindelwald are built with a Swiss Village theme.  In the center of town is the main attraction.  

It is free to enter, they offer accommodtion, lovely Swiss cobblestone streets, a bell tower, cafes with fabulous food and fresh baked sweets, a restaurant, a full golf course, an absolutely cute mini golf course and a big lake that is a natural native animal habitat.



Rosevears is off the highway.  The drive along the Tamar River is worth the visit.  We took a detour coming back from the north as we heard there is a pub here that is worth a visit.

Welcome to Rosevears Hotel. 

Well it is certainly busy which is always a good sign.  The view is nice overlooking the Tamar River.  However, we are spoilt for choice in Tasmania and our meal here wasn't really memorable.  Plus I felt like there were too many people squeezed into a tiny space.  We did not feel comfortable.



Kayena is wine country.  If you have viewed my Tasmania pages you would already know that my favourite winery in Tasmania is Goaty Hill.  

Sadly, Goaty Hill is no more.  It has been taken over and is now called Small Wonders.  It's good to know that as a tribute to Goaty Hill, the red goats will still be placed around the property.

We just happened to come here by accident on the last day of Goaty Hill trading.  We received a bit of a run down on the new photos that will appear on the wine bottles of Small Wonders.

So we booked again the following weekend for the opening of Small Wonders.  

Small Wonders has some grand ideas.  First of all they were going to refresh the inside of the cellar door and small tastings and cheese board area.  They also have plans to expand to offer accommodation and a restaurant.  This is where they will make their money as the view over the vinyard is quite spectacular.  

So even though the wines were good, we kind of felt that the new look on the bottles was average (black & white vintage photos) and they were very over the top expensive for a bottle.  

The cheese board however was really good with a great selection.  If you join the wine club then the price of bottles was way cheaper.  The ambience was good with a clean minimal visual appeal. 

So I won't write Small Wonders off just yet.  I think we will wait and pay a visit next year sometime and see if it still has something for us to feel the need to come back.



Coming back from Small Wonders, take a few minutes to stop at the Tamar River to take some pictures of the Batman Bridge. 

Names after John Batman, a Launceston Businessman and founder of Melbourne.



Cross the Batman Bridge over the Tamar and hang a left, heading up to the top end of Tasmania.

George Town... 

I have noticed that there are quite a few Towns in Tassie with the word Town being separate.  Like George Town, Elizabeth Town, Campbell Town etc.  

Other states don't.   Campbelltown, Burketown, Georgetown, Blacktown, Newtown etc.

I guess Tasmanians like to be different. 

Anyway, George Town and Low Head are quiet.  There isn't much there.

George Town is pretty.  The view along the Tamar River is nice.  There is a nice park with carved trees.  Carved trees seem to be a thing in Tasmania.  We have seen them at Ledgerwood and Campbell Town.



Low Head is home of the oldest Light House and Pilot Station that is still operational.  

The Pilot Station, Museum and quaint accommodation is quaint.  We stopped and had a brunch at the little cafe there.  This is well worth a visit.


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