The Big Lap - Moruya, Mossy Point & Batemans Bay




Ingenia Holidays Caravan Park at Moruya is a fantastic place to stay to explore Batemans Bay and surrounding beaches.  Batemans Bay is way too expensive.  The price was reasonable and when they advised us of the 4th night for free offer, well that made our decision easy.

Finally!  Summer weather!  The days were warm.  About time for mid February!

And, the pool got some use!  😁

AND....  guess what?  They had a Spa!!!  I was in heaven.


Unfortunately, how remiss of me.  I forgot to take photos.  However, as I feel the need to show you what we enjoyed.  So here are a couple of photos complimentary of Engenia Holidays and Google street view.  

Thanks guys.  😄

As you can see, the caravan park fronts onto the river and at the back is a dairy farm.  The farm was our back yard including mountains in the distance.  See circle in the last photo.  That is where we were camped.


We had been looking forward to seeing one of our best mates from Virtual Tourist, Steve.  Steve lives in Canberra and took some time off to come visit us.  Because our car cannot take all of us, Steve also offered to drive us around and in turn we shouted him dinner and lunch the next day.  

It was exciting to catch up after a number of years.




You can see where we went from Map 2 below.  Heading south/east we visited South Head Beach.  I enjoyed capturing the waves and headland on camera.  A surf life saving team were practicing as well.  You can see them speeding across the ocean in the sepia shot below with a bird leading the way.  😉



This is a prime whale viewing spot.  Unfortunately we were not there at the right time for that.  There is an old grave yard here that I thought I would look up some info on later.

Paraphrased from -

"Joseph Louttit was born in Stromness, Orkney, Scotland on the 26th of November, 1826. He arrived in Australia to stay in 1858.  Joseph, a prospector, worked his way south and found Moruya and its granite deposits which reminded him of back home except less bleak.  He wrote to his brother John who had gone to the USA, telling how wonderful this place was.  So John decided to join him.

They quarried the granite for breakwaters and walls along the river banks to stop erosion.  Louttit's granite was used to construct the Bank of New South Wales and the Sydney General Post Office, both in Martin Place, Sydney.  It was also used at the base of the Captain Cook Statue in Hyde Park."



Steve was enjoying himself too, on a trip down memory lane.  This is his family holiday getaway and he told us some cool, funny and embarrasing stories of his childhood.  What happens in Moruya, stays in Moruya.  

Durras is where his mum and dad have a holiday home so we drove past that.  And also where his younger sister lives and we checked that out too.

He also took us to the local beach where they got pippis for fishing bait.  I missed doing the pippi dance.  That is where you swivel your feet in the sand until you feel the pippi and then quickly pull it out from underneath your feet.  We used to do it for bait when we lived in Hastings Point near the Queensland border.  I remember an Asian lady in the caravan park used to make Pippi soup.  

Many years later we came across pippis in Malaysia on an island called Pulau Ketam.  (Crab Island).  In Malaysia Pippis are called Lala.  Check out my Pulau Ketam page for that story.

Anyway, my mouth was salivating because I was thinking of doing Chilli Pippi, a poor man's version of Chilli Mussles but just as tasty.  If you do not know what a Pippi is, just google it.

On South Durras Beach we saw a fella Pippi'ing and also a bloke getting beach worms.  I can see why Steve's family took holidays here.  It reminded us of Hastings Point and reminded me of my family holidays from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast or up to the Sunshine Coast before they got built out.



Have you ever gone through your photos and simply cannot remember where that shot was taken?

This is one of those moments.  So if you recognise it, please let me know in the comments below.



We went with Steve to check into the Hotel in town and planned to meet up for dinner somewhere.

Well turns out, not much was open for dinner in Moruya.  Both the Chinese and Thai were shut.  That was when we found an Indian Restaurant.  What a fantastic choice!  The Legacy of India a few shops away from Steve's accommodation was absolutely fantastic!  It was definitely on par with our favourite back in Perth.  Don't let the small dishes put you off.  They are very filling.  It is BYO so that made it cheaper.  I would recommend.



Bet you wouldn't believe me if I said that we got 2 dozen fresh prawns for $15?

Yep, you say, that is the most unheard of thing I have ever heard of, right?!

Just before Steve left to go home to Canberra we went next door to the caravan park to Moruya Waterfront Hotel for lunch.  I couldn't believe it when the specials board had prawns for $15.  

And they were good!  😁

Thank you Steve for showing us around your childhood haunts.  We had an awesome day!
We look forward to catching up again maybe in Goulburn when we head back down towards Tasmania.
  Thanks Bro!  xx   Cheers, 🍻



When we drove through Batemans Bay, Steve pointed out the Boatshed Fish & Chips and told us that the food is good there.  

So next day we took a drive up to Batemans Bay for lunch.  Yes Bro, you are right!  We had ling and potato scallops.  Mmmmm.  And with a view to die for!  Yummy.   😄



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