The Big Lap - Berry, Shoalhaven Heads, Gerroa, Gerringong




We wanted to see the famous bridge on the Grand Pacific Drive.  The one that jutts out over the ocean.  Again, caravan parks near here are rediculously expenive.  So I branched out in the search.  That is when I found a small Heritage Village, Berry.  See Map below.

It is a long drive from Moruya to Berry therefore we needed to stop somewhere half way to break up the journey and have a cuppa.  Dolphin Point at the mouth of Burrill Lake and near Ulladulla looked nice in the pictures on Google.  We turned right at the round-about just before the bridge over Burrill Lake and parked near the toilets under shady trees.  We took our cuppas and went for a walk on the pathway through to the lagoon.  I took my shoes off and went for a paddle.  It was so pretty.  Sorry, no photos.  Just got one as we were going over the bridge towards Ulladulla.

We set up along with a sea of caravans at the Berry Showgrounds.  A popular spot. 


Funny Sign 😉



We did a round trip along the coastline, see Map 2 below.  I liked Shoalhaven Heads.  It is at the bottom end of 7 Mile Beach.  The last picture here was taken at the top end of 7 Mile Beach and closer to Gerroa.   Shoalhaven Heads had a casual, laid back vibe.  Obviously because it is a fisherman village.  I hope it stays that way and doesn't get built out like it's flasher neighbouring towns of Gerroa and Gerringong.   There is an old caravan park opposite the Shoalhaven River where we saw a fisherman on the jetty and a few fellas giving their minature toy boats a work out.  Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera out, they were packing up.  😞

Just past that we parked and walked through the dunes surrounded by a little rainforest (so pretty) to the beach.  I spied a few birds on the beach just past a tree canope and focused the camera on them.  Just at that moment a big Pelican flew in, scattering the birds, and grabbed something on the beach and flew off.  That was random.  What did I just see?!  However I managed to get it on camera!  That was pretty cool.  You can see the Pelican on the beach with a big bulging neck.  😄 

The beach here is gorgeous.  I would love to live in the Caravan Park.  But then, on second thoughts, it's probably better to holiday here as I would no doubt not like the isolation factor being miles away from shops and transport. 


7 Mile Beach up at the other end



Hubby liked Gerroa and Gerringong.  It's very hilly here and has stunning views from the lookouts over the ocean and on the western side, over the lush green fields.  

Black Head Reserve up high on the cliffs overlooking the ocean had some phonominal views over the rugged coastline.  On the right-hand side you can see the fields and mountains in the distance.  Looking down the sea was a gorgeous green and so clear that we could see down to the coloured rocks at the bottom.  




Gerroa and Gerringong are side by side.  We wonder why they didn't just call it the one place.  

We had seen one small cemetery at Mossy Point near Moruya and now a big one on the headland at Gerringong.  Interesting.  I suppose it's a nice thought that your loved one is overlooking the ocean.

I'm glad we stopped here though.  The car park is small and comes up quick as you drive up the hill.  Thank goodness there was a spot to park as I urged hubby to hang a sharp right into the car park.  It could have been a problem had we not have had a place to park.  Phew!

The view overlooking the Cemetery was pretty speccy, with a bay of rich blue water and super green hillside complete with cows on the other side.  Very nice indeed.

There is a whale watching platform here to the left and over the grassed area towards to ocean however it just has views of the sea over the top of the trees.  You can't see the coastline.  So consequently, I didn't take any photos.  

Then again further to the left, we walked across the headland grass to see what was on the other side.  Mmmm, lovely views overlooking Werri beach.



We saw a lagoon opening at the top end of Werri Beach from the lookout (see photo above) and decided to go check it out.  

I wished that I had put my togs on as this looked lovely for a dip.  

There was a strange building on the hill.  Later, a Google search revealed that this cost $5m to build and won Australian House of the Year in 2019.  Mmmm, they must have run out of money before doing the gardens.  Can't imagine anyone having such a flash house and not including a landscape designed garden.





Totally overrated.  Yes, we drove over it and drove back to the lookout.  We can tick it off the list of things to see in Australia.  But we wouldn't recommend that you go out of your way to check it out.  The Great Ocean Road is way better. 

There is an iconic view that people think of when wanting to visit the Grand Pacific Drive.  Googling the Grand Pacific Drive with this iconic view in mind is painfully difficult to actually find out where it is, unless you know that it's called the Sea Cliff Bridge.  The Grand Pacific Drive according to Google is from Kiama right the way along the coast to the Royal National Park, 140k's.   We were not about to do that.  

We knew the bridge was above Wollongong somewhere so we headed there and drove along the coast road.  Just when we were about to give up, there it was!  We passed the lookout and headed across the Sea Cliff Bridge.  Finally finding a place to turn back and crossed our fingers hoping we would be able to get a parking space at the lookout viewpoint.  Just one left, all the way at the very end.

So if you want to know exactly where it is, it is in between Clifton and Coalcliff.   The viewpoint parking is on the right hand side heading north, just past Clifton.



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