The Big Lap - Tom Price & Karijini


The above photo was taken at a free campsite called In The Rocks.
More about that later.



Tom Price is the highest town in WA and is a hub for Iron Ore mining.  It is also close to the famous Karijini Gorges.  We stayed in the Caravan Park in town.  I wasn't impressed with the cost.  $50 a night!
So I made sure to use the air-con here 😊

The town itself is a cool oasis amoungst the surrounding hot desert full of dust.
We enjoyed a wander around the Visitors Centre, had breakfast at the Pickled Bean Cafe, lunch at the Pub and stocked up on food at Coles.



We received a daily visit by these pink cockies, majorly due to hubby sharing Tookie's seed with them.

Tookie was not impressed.  See Video below.


Speaking about mining, we had to stop on the way to Tom Price to let a couple of big trucks with big loads past.  I have never seen a truck this big.  Hooleydooley!!

Check out the Video.



You need to book a campsite on-line for this place as it is very popular.

I could only get us 1 night in one campspot and 1 night in another, but when we arrived the kind caretaker was able to swap us to another spot for the 2 nights. 

The campsites here are large and well spaced out so that you don't feel like you are on top of your next door neighbours.  We could use our generator here too, but we didn't need it as there was plenty of sun to charge our appliences via the solar mat.

Our Campsite




Hubby had done a few of the Gorges of Karijini from the caravan park in Tom Price.  I utilised that time to catch up on my photo and video editing, pages and shows.

I had looked at the different gorges in Karijini and really only wanted to do Dales Gorge so I was happy with that.  Hubby did get some great photos though that would rival some of the professionals.

I wasn't prepared to tackle the grade 5 walks that hubby did.  Didn't sound like fun to me.

I was content with the photo below that I got at Cheela Plains Gorge.  See my Paraburdoo page.



Dales Gorge Campground was located in a good spot.  I would totally recommend it.  We only paid $22 a night and the location is excellant, right next to Dales Gorge which consists of Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool. 

There are nearly 300 steel steps with hand rails each side to go down to the falls.  We took our time, and especially on the way back up.  There were seats every 50 steps or so that we took advantage of to gain our breath.

The falls run all year round and the colours of the rocks and water is spectacular.



Just 300m from the falls is a most picturesque spot.  Water was cold though but certainly refreshing.

It's wise not to make much noise, no diving or jumping into the water because this is a sacred Aboriginal place and you can see why.  It is just serene and beautiful.


Back up at the top this random guy posed for a pic.

His mates and us thought this was hillarious.  Not good laughing when you've just walked up 300 steps and trying to catch you breath lol.



There is a pink flower that is everywhere in the Pilbra called Mulla Mulla.

I got the macro out and had a play.



From Karijini to our next stop Port Hedland it is around 330k's so we decided to split the journey and find a free campspot on the way.

First though, we made a pit stop at Auski Roadhouse to refuel and have a quick snack.  We made sure that we did not buy too much though as this place is renouwned for charging like wounded bulls.

After our pit stop the scenery changed again and we were driving through the other side of the gorges and then Savannah grassland type scenery.  



People bang on about Wiki Camps so I had downloaded it.  I find that it doesn't have all of the campsites though as I have discovered quite a lot that are not on Wiki Camps.  And it certainly does not have some of the private properties that I have discovered along the way.

Anyway, I found this freebee on Wiki Camps.

What a fabulous little free campsite and just the right location in between Karijini and Port Hedland.

It is just off the highway and we grabbed the perfect spot just behind the rocks. 
There is no signage here and we nearly missed it.  A caravan just so happened to be going in and that is when we realised it was the spot, so we chucked a U'ee and went back.

I was videoing at the time so that would probably assist you to know where it is.  I had to cut the vid short because as I was telling hubby he didn't believe me and was not listening so a ton of swear words ensued that had to be cut out lol.

We had met a nice couple Jane and Neil and saw them again at the roadhouse and they were headed to the same spot so when they arrived, they pulled up next to us.

We sat around the fire and shared some of their grog as we were nearly out which was kind of them.
Later Jane and I got our cameras out and had a practice at Astro photography.

The amount of road trains on the highway is unforgetable.  Just shows you how much iron they are pulling out.  Must have been 1 every minute or so.  We had to contend with the sound of them all night, which wasn't too bad for us.

I managed to also get a good shot of a truck trail with the night stars in the background.
Getting better at this 😁

Jane got in a lot of practice too, but she really needs a better tripod 😔

Dusk and dawn were lovely here with the colours of the rocks and subdued lilacs and pinks in the distance.  
See Video below.



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