The Big Lap - Yalgoo


Slowly getting better at astro photography.


Here at Yalgoo we had our second Station Stay.  We are enjoying this sort of camping.  It is reasonably cheap, has basic amenities and fire pits to sit around and chat at happy hour.

Yalgoo itself is so small that it really doesn't have anything at all to check out.  And we got ripped off at the fuel station which was one of those pay before you fill.  We paid for $50 and it only fueled $47.50 before cutting out.  Robbery!! 

Anyway, Gabyon Station is in between Mount Magnet and Mullewa, east of Geraldton.


This Station was more personal than the other one.  We met mother Helen and daughter Gemma team who run the place.  Mum is a retired farmer and assists her daughter who bought and runs the farm.  It is a sheep and cattle property.  Offering a camping area to happy travellers like us affords them some down time of an evening mingling with us and enjoying happy hour.

Hubby assisted one day with some fencing which was so greatly appreciated that they invited us to pizza night along with a few campers that had booked a meal at the Homestead.  There was quite a roll up which was nice.  

They explained about farm life and the difficult times and good times.  It was interesting to learn that they proved to the authorities that the wild dogs that keep taking the livestock are actually dingos.  Did you know that Dingos are not Australian?  They are an introduced species and a pest.    

This farm is piloting a breed of dog called Maremmas that will mix with the sheep and also look after them.  They will guard against the dingos.  Gabyon Station have put cameras on the dogs and have viewed them sitting and guarding the pack over night and even when it was raining heavily.  This is a new concept to Australia and if it works, which they are confident, it will be a total breakthrough for Australian farmers.

Pretty cool hey.  😁


So the opening photo.  What did you think?  Pretty cool hey.  😄
Getting better.

Next morning I took some sunrise shots.  You will see the stunning view of the wildflowers that we woke up to every day.  Check out the vid below.


Hubby came back from the fencing and advised that he had seen some different coloured everlastings.  So we took to the dirt track on a discovery tour.



There was a small sign on the left hand side of the road that said Bullock Pool, leading off to a small road through the wooodland.  Being inquisitive, we hung a left to check it out.

Good decision.  We came across a lovely little oasis in the outback.  No, wrong terminology.

Bullock Pool was surrounded by wildflowers and there were signs of previous fire pits.  So it looks like it is regularly used by happy campers that want to be alone in the scrub.  




We had heard that the wreath flowers were in bloom at Pindar which is located inbetween Yalgoo and Mullewa.  Wreath flowers, if you have not visited my Perenjori page, are amazing wildflowers that come up every year in the same spots and are perfectly round just like a wreath.  

Well, what a sight!  They totally lined the road each side and the locals have made trodden paths through the woodland with pink ribbons tied around bushes where other wildflowers appear.
I love woodland so this was real nice.


Pindar had a Hotel.  Yea!  And we were thirsty.


Seems like this is one of those towns that has a Pub with no beer.
Yep, the Hotel at Pindar sells tea, coffee and scones.


So we relented and had coffee and scones.  

Funny sign.

There was a sign that stipulated trucks clean their wheels before entering town.

Pindar had the Pub with no Beer and a couple of other buildings and that was it.
Suppose they are going for the next Tidy & Sober Town Award.


Yalgoo, like a lot of outback WA towns used to have rail, but not any more.  Trucks are used instead which to me doesn't make sense.  It's easier to upkeep rail than roads and those big road train trucks really ruin the roads with many pot holes that we had to avoid.

We stopped along the old rail at a P stop - roadside parking.  The wildflowers looked nice here along with a nice red flower that hubby said was a weed 😀😏






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