The Big Lap - Paynes Find



After leaving Yanchep National Park, our first stop for the night was at the Roadhouse at Paynes Find.

Paynes Find is the gateway to the stunning Everlastings, wildflowers that carpet the ground with colourful glory as far as the eye can see.  These wildflowers usually come out in September/October. This year however, we knew that there would be Everlastings showing now in August as we had early rains but we didn't expect to see such stunning views.  We were in for a real treat.

We decided to go up the inland road to Mount Magnet and then make our way across to the coast at Geraldton as we have done the coast road to Geraldton many times before.  We certainly encourage you to take that route if travelling in non-wildflower season.  



Paynes Find itself consists of the Roadhouse.  That is it.
But such a  welcome rest stop after a long day drive.

We took a powered site out back, set up and ventured into the Roadhouse for a couple of beers.
Dinner was nice, large pub meal in a cosy atmosphere.  Outside it was frosty cold.



Our first Station Stay.   Nalbarra Station is in between Paynes Find and Mount Magnet.

We enjoyed a few days here.  The sunshine was welcome and days nice and warm.  Nights were spent around the campfire with a few other happy campers.  Tookie also had fun playing with his ball outside the van, but he wasn't impressed by the feel of sand under his feet.  Such a princess lol.


There were a group of artists staying in the dongas.  One of our new friends was giving hubby a lesson in flying the drone when they were interrupted by one of the artyfarty people who was very rude.  She said that the noise was interrupting their lunch.  Really?

Later some of the other happy campers told us that the art dudes had used all of the gas and so no one could have a warm shower.  The camp host wasn't impressed when told the the fancy art people had cooked all afternoon and when questioned about the use of the gas, they just said that oh well...  that is what they paid for.  Sheesh!  The hide of some people hey.  

Anyway, the surrounding woodland was nice for photography, when avoiding the artyfarty ones.



The Camp Host suggested that we spend a day going out to the Breakaways.  I had never heard of that expression before.  It's actually a ridge line where the soil has broken away down into the valley.  

She drew us a mud map and off we went.  This is on the Nalbarra property.  These outback stations are huge.  

Well, there was no shortage of wildflowers here too.  We stopped on the way back at a nice spot where there were still pools of water and wildflowers behind which made for some great pix.  I also took a video of hubby driving the beast through the water, see below.



I am glad that we went north to Mount Magnet.  Not because it's the place to go.  Far from it.

There is absolutely nothing at Mount Magnet.  So we decided that instead of staying there, we would hang a left and continue on to Yalgoo.  Great decision.

So before you plan to stay at Mount Magnet, take our advice.  Don't bother.  So that is why I was happy that we came here. 

There was nothing to photograph either, except for an unusual sign and a big truck with a oversized load.


On the way however, the Everlastings were glorious and lined both sides of the road.


One of the challenges I have set myself is to get better at Astro Photography.
So when one of our new friends wanted to have a go at it, I jumped at the chance of joining her.

Well it's not getting any better.
But plenty of practice should do it, right? 😏


I am still mastering the macro lens and I love taking photos of flowers as you may have already guessed by reading my pages.  So here are a few pix of wildflowers closeup.  






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