The Big Lap - Beverely, Yenyenning Lake & Brookton


Beverely is one of the oldest towns in Western Australia.  It also has a long history in Aviation.

Strangely enough this aircraft that stands out as you come into Beverly is not the oldest one flown here.  In 1929 this dude who owned the Beverely powerhouse drew plans for the plane on the powerhouse floor.  Ford called his plane Silver Centenary to commemorate WA Centenary in 1929 and made his inaugural flight on 1 July 1930.  There is a small scale replica of the Silver Centenary in the Beverely Visitor Centre.

The aircraft pictured above is a 1959 RAAF Vampire which was decommissioned in Feb 1970 and donated to a service club in Geraldton.  The Shire of Beverely heard about it and arranged for it to be transported to Beverely where it was stored for many years and then destined to the tip.  Local resident Forbes Wood proposed to restore it and put it on display and now it stands as a tribute to the aviation history of the small town of Beverely.

Beverely is now proud to be the home of  the biggest gliding club in Western Australia.  


We enjoyed our stay at Beverely.  The caravan park is so cute and in a fantastic location, right behind the main street with IGA, Pub, Restaurant, Gift Shops and an awesome playground and skate park.

There is a talanted artist in town that has done some great paintings in shop walls.  We have noticed this talent in small WA country towns.


The Beverley railway station was built in 1886 in the Victorian Tudor style and was an important stop on the Perth to Albany passenger line.

The station closed in October 1984 and fell into disrepair.  But in 2006 it was beautifully retored by the hard working community and council and won the heritage award in 2007.

It is now an Art Gallery.  Unfortunately when we visited, it was closed as well as a number of artistic galleries in town. 


We were in Beverely on 23 June 2021, our wedding anniversary.  42 years!

So we decided to eat in the only restaurant in town, the Red Vault.  It was a nice evening.  We brought our BYO wine and I bought a dress inside amongst the bricabrac for $3 lol.


I had to have a laugh at the sign below.

But then I realised that this is one of the signs of the times.

Yes, unfortunately Bank Branches are fastly becoming a thing of the past.  The ANZ here in Beverely is destined for closure as is many Bank branches in small country towns.  It is only a matter of time before we will not see a Bank anywhere, nor will we see actual money.  

Better save your coins and notes now as they could be worth a small fortune in years to come.  In actual fact, if I was young now, I would seriously be collecting gold coins.



I had looked at this place to free camp, however this winter was bitterely cold so hubby and I had decided to stay in Caravan Parks.  Turned out a good plan.

Nevertheless, Yenyening Lakes was worth the day trip.  The countryside is low lying with surrounding canola crops and sheep farms and then nothing but salt bush and salt tollerant scrub the closer that we got to Yenyinning salt lakes.  

I really enjoyed the slow and windy track in following our turn off from the main dirt drag.  The track was lined with small spindly trees at various stages of folage from well covered to just bare sticks.  But even the bare sticks made for interesting scenery.


I decided to get out my Lensbaby Omni Crystal as well as another Crystal for a photo play.  

And also took out my Lensbaby Fisheye lens for some more photo play.



We took a day trip to Brookton.  Not really much there.  

I did like the well kept gardens complete with gazebo and a little pump fed stream.
The flowers well worth a pic or two as well.

Whilst hubby was checking out the Information Sign in town, I noticed a pretty cool reflection in my mirror.  


Just out of town was a nice lookout.  I would suggest that this is a 4x4 track.  We had to negotiate a few small washouts and ragged mounds of dirt to get there.  The view was worth it.

There were also a number of these gorgeous Salmon Gums here.  I have become quite fascinated with the trees and unusual coloured bark here down south WA.  So nice.




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