The Big Lap - Corrigin, Gorge Rock & Bruce Rock


Gorge Rock

Corrigin is the home of the Dog Cemetery and the Dog in the Ute.

The Cemetery is located not far out of town and is well worth a look and the Dog in the Ute is at the Roadhouse in town.


We stayed at the Caravan Park.  It is very reasonably priced and in a good location with just a short walk into town and down to the museum.

The Caravan Park had a brand new amenities block complete with laundry and new kitchen including an oven.  The whole place is very well looked after.

Next to the Caravan Park is a footy oval which had huge floodlights.  There was always something going on there as well as net ball on the weekend.  

We were hoping to see the State of Corrigin.



The main street in town is one way to give more room for pedestrians and some little gardens.  It is well maintained.  There are lovely gardens around the Community Information Centre. 

Tip - Check the hours of service for the shops in these country towns as a lot of them open early and close at lunch or mid afternoon.  Even the IGA was closed when we expected it to be open.  And don't even bother with the weekends.  Make sure you are well stocked over the weekend as you may find yourself paying double at the Roadhouse which obviously has the monopoly at all other times. 



We enjoyed our day trip to George Rock not far out of town.

The walk up the rock was easy and there is a little lake in the center.  See Video below.

The signs had some interesting history as well.  

A hall was moved to George Rock in 1920.  They held regular dances at the hall and brought a piano from Corrigin every time.  It was a family affair with people coming from everywhere to attend.  The old hall was finally demolished in 2007 due to state of disrepair.



Bruce Rock wasn't so good.  Bruce Rock town doesn't really have much going for it, apart from a curbside full of mosaic tiles.  When you look up Bruce Rock on the net, it showcases Kokerbin Rock, Shackleton and Wave Rock; all of which aren't anywhere near Bruce Rock but are worthy destinations in themselves.  Take my advice and don't bother with Bruce Rock.

Even the rock itself is boring.  You can't walk up it because most of it is on private land and fenced off.  


I love salmon gums.  They have such a range of coloured bark that peels down to reveal a smooth tree trunk.  Colours range from white through to salmon and deeper oranges and reds.  Driving along the streets lined with these majestic trees is just pure pleasure.




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