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Last time we were here in 2013 it was with a group of Virtual Tourist members on a tagalong wildflower drive.  Check out my Perth to Albany Road Trip page.

This time it seems that Quairading has become a bit of a ghost town.  There are businesses that have closed and even the pub has lost staff and can only do meals if you pre-book.  Maybe it is due to the COVID virus.  Who knows?  

So below are a few pix from 2013.  Our friends stayed at the caravan park and we stayed at the pub.

Just outside of Quairading is the Pink Lake.  Further afield is the smallest Bank in Australia at Shackleton.  Kockerbin Rock is the 3rd biggest rock in Australia and well worth a visit.  Then if you want to visit Wave Rock and I strongly suggest that you do, then you need to go via Corrigin and the Dog Cemetery and Dog in the Ute.  You can find all of these places on my Perth to Albany Road Trip page.

Quairading Pink Lake

Quairading Pink Lake

Kokerbin Rock

Smallest Bank at Shackleton


So this time at Quairading was a little different.  We arrived at the Caravan Park and it looked packed out.  What tha ?....

So a caravan club was in town.  

Luckily for us, there were a few spaces left and we were able to park the van down the end of the park.

All was good until hubby spied some young kids walking through the caravan park taking photos of the vans.  Well that was it.  We were not going to go on any day trips for fear that we might be robbed.  Not that we have anything of real value anyway lol.  But that made us aware that this could be something that we may have to consider wherever we go in the future.  
Reality check.

So we were in Quairading for 3 days.  At least we had the company of some nice people, a great campfire, and WIFI.
All good 👍  😁


Hubby found a good pie and cake shop in town and they had an interesting Big Bull made of machinery and scrap odds and ends.  It was very well made.


So as we decided not to book a meal at the Pub nor venture too much out of town.  Instead I got out the round convection oven and give it a go with some spring rolls. 
 Pretty darn good! 


Meanwhile, Tookie thought his little bath was ultra funny.

Check out the video.


We woke one day to a magical sunrise.  A low mist hung over the adjacent football field, the sky was clear, and it was vey cold.

We both took a stack of fabulous photos.  

On the other side was the full moon and I zoomed in to the max at 270mm, tried to keep the camera steady (because it is difficult when zoomed right in) and got my first real good close moon shot.  
I am happy with it.


Our last day in Quairading and the WIFI decided not to work.  

So this was hubbies chance to have a go at me for deciding to buy RV Wifi and using Optus instead of Telstra.  Doesn't count that I did months of homework on this and that RV Wifi has a 5 star rating for the best caravan internet modum and is equipped with 12 volt plug.  Nor does it matter that Optus claim to have 98% coverage in Australia.  The latter is questionable I agree.  

So anyway, I waived the white flag and said to hubby, OK, we are on our way back to Perth.  It's your turn to pick our modum and yep, go for Telstra who claim to have the most coverage in Australia and I will adjust the weekly budget accordingly.  

Guess we will be eating 2 minute noodles, baked beans and damper haha. 😊

 Well until we at least hit the eastern states of Australia in which I have every confidence that Optus can provide us the coverage that we require.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I abandoned my Code Cracker puzzle magazine and sought some peace and quiet away from the van and hubby's fight picking and went for a walk with my camera and macro lens and I am real happy with the photos that I captured below.


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