The Big Lap - Albany


Little Beach, Albany WA


We got a good deal at the caravan park just outside Albany.

King River Palms Caravan Park is in a lovely location beside the river.   We chose the stay 7 nights, pay 6 deal.  This enabled us to spend a few days checking out the area.  The facilities were nice and clean but the only down side was they did not supply WIFI and they charged $2 to use the BBQ which is usually included in the cost of the stay.


Anyway, the location was great.  Not too far out of Albany and a shopping centre about 7 minutes up the road.  

Last time we were in Albany in 2013, hubby and friends Zig and Alison went for a day to the National Park and Heather and friend, Dorrise and I visited Nanarup Beach, 2 Peoples Bay, Little Beach and had an amazing lunch at Little Nippers Cafe at the Old Marron Farm.  So I wanted hubby to check out these awesome places.



Our first time driving onto the Beach.  So cool.





There is a beach that I reckon is the most beautiful beach in Australia.  See my WA Esperance page.  Of course the famous QLD Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays is well known as being the most beautiful beach in Australia.

Little Beach is definitely up there in the most beautiful Australian beaches.  The name fits as it is most certainly a little beach, and a gorgeous one at that.  See the evidence below.


Whilst hubby was still photographing, I climbed the stone stairs back up.
There was a storm building in the left hand direction.
I could hear thunder and it looked pretty dark.
Time to get a move on.




It was raining by the time we arrived here so we did not go through their massive bird avery and say g'day to the chooks and Llamas.  BTW, our friend Dorrise from Cairns last time had a bit of an altercation with the Llama.  Read the story on my WA Perth to Albany Road Trip page.  Hubby did however go out and found the cute Indian Ringneck parrots.  Aparently there was a beautiful yellow female one there.  Sorry Tookie....  you missed your moment mate.


Check out the feast we had here!  Hubby was concerned that it wouldn't be enough to share but when the wedges came out!...  Goodness!  They were the hugest wedges that we have ever had!

And the Marron and King Prawns....  Oh and fresh warm home made bread!! Hawwww!



Raining again today but the forecast shows passing showers, so we took the chance to visit The Gap & Natural Bridge just out of town in Torndirrup National Park.

Last time I was here with Dorrise and Heather the weather was wet, wild and windy.  This time it seemed pretty much the same when we arrived.  After a bit of in and out of the car, avoiding the showers, there appeared a bit of blue sky, yea!

It was scary walking out on the bit of sky bridge with the water thundering underneath and up the rocky incline.  

See my video below.





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