The Big Lap - Donnybrook



22/04/2021 - We are on our way - Retired and doing the big lap of Australia!  First destination Thompson Brook Winery, Donnybrook.

Photo of new Caravan & Car 21/04/2021.


Today is 23/04/2021 and I am writing from Greenbushes Pool south of Perth.  Yesterday we left our home in Mindarie, Perth, new car with new caravan in tow and our bird Tookie is coming along with us.  Tookie has had to downsize too and has taken to his new little cage home with as many toys as we could fit in 😊   He has a spot in the space cab behind us in the car and then we transfer his cage to the bathroom in the caravan.  He actually enjoyes being outside with us in and out of his cage and on our shoulders.  So we are happy that Tookie has adapted so well to his new adventure.

Hubby was very nervous.  Thank goodness the traffic wasn't too bad and we made our first pit stop at a big servo on the highway just past the Rockingham turnoff.  

First destination - Thompson Brook Winery just south of Donnybrook - where we could stay for free as long as we partook of the good stuff.  No problem 😎

The owner Terry was very welcoming.  We found a spot on the grassy lawn overlooking natural bushland and enjoyed our overnight stay.

The entrance to the property is lined with beautiful Mr Lincoln roses. my favourite.




Happy Hour with aussirose, H & Tookie including tour of our little house, Tookie plays with his ball and dinner in the bush.



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