The Big Lap - Greenbushes



23/04/2021 to 26/04/2021 - Greenbushes Pool.

Only about a little over half hour south, our next stop is Greenbushes Pool which is a nature wonderland.  The camp sites surround a lovely little lake with an easy boardwalk.  There are toilets, rubbish bins and BBQ's.  This is also free camping.

We set ourselves up in amongst the trees. 


There is a nice walking track around the lake that is only an easy 500m.  Posted along the way are interesting signs explaining the local flora and fauna in the area.

Mornings were cold here and coffee was welcome.

The lake had lots of mist which looked magical.  I also played with taking pictures of cobwebs in the dew.


On the way to Greenbushes we went through this quaint town called Ballingup.   The town had all these gorgeous scarecrows made by the local school kids.

We walked across the road to a Cafe for a coffee and you would't believe the amazing array of home made cakes and pastries.  
They had the hugest cakes I have ever seen.
No wonder country people are renouwn for their cooking skills.

However we were not hungry.  We were there just to get some raison toast for Tookie 😉


So we are here in lockdown.

Perth, Peel region and the South West have just been put into lockdown.  Well what better place to spend a few days than in the bush at Greenbushes Pool.

The Hotel in town was still open for business.... Yeh.
So we quenched our thirst and bought a few take aways.




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