My name is Ann.  I live in Tasmania, Australia.

Why aussirose?


Aussirose is the name that I gave myself in 2000 when I found a travel site called  I was in the early stages of planning a big overseas trip to Europe.   That is when aussirose was born.


Years later, was bought out by who axed VT, the best travel community on the net.  That was a sad day.  But what they cannot wipe out is our memories.

VT Meet Paris 2011

VT Meet Arnhem Land 2008

VT Meet Orlando 2015

VT Owner Stephanie & Gerry from California at
Sandalford Winery VT Meet 2007 


Hubby and I have semi-retired and due to COVID-19 our overseas holidays have ended for now.


So we bought an Isuzu DMax and caravan and left Western Australia to travel Australia until our Super funds run out.


Update - May 2022 - We have finally finished the Big Lap, all but northern NSW and Queensland.  To be completed at a later date.  We could not do this bit as we were stopped by the rain and flooding there. 

So we have settled for the time being in northern Tasmania.  Currently looking to pick up some work to continue saving for another 5 years until we 'really' retire and head off for the next adventure.  Stay tuned.  


Gabyon Station WA


 To navigate my Blog, simply click a subject of your choice to the right, grab a drink or two and a snack and enjoy. I hope that I can impart to you a few travel tips along the way and maybe give you some ideas for your next travel adventure.

 Please leave a little comment to let me know that you have visited.  

That would just make my day.



I have 2 favourite lenses for my Canon 80D.

Canon 24mm f2.8 pancake macro lens and Lensbaby Composer Pro II with the Edge 35mm optic.

In the photo below I used the Edge 35 optic.    Lensbaby are professional at making lenses that bring out the artistic side in photographers.

The Edge 35 is made to slice the focus through a photo.  Here you can see that the slice of focus is across the bottom end of the hibiscus with the top being blurred.  The tilt shift of the Composer Pro II allowed me to choose where I wanted my slice of focus to be.  

I am loving this lens.




Canada - Jasper, Rocky Mountains

Brugge, Belgium

Yangtze River, China

Kumarakom Backwaters, India

Nomad Camp Sahara, Morocco

 2020 was a shocking year.  COVID-19 changed everything and especially travel. 
So, my 2020 blog is basically just photography around Perth. 


Street Art - Northbridge Perth

Bus Trail Lights, Perth

2021 was pretty much the same except hubby and I started our Big Lap around Australia early May. 

2022 and we saw the new year in at a quiet recreational reserve in Cavendish, Victoria, just south of the Grampians.

We have seen some amazing places in Australia.

You are also welcome to follow me on my youtube channel - aussirose travels.


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I have created interactive maps of the places we have been and things to do.

  You can use them to check out some photos of places that may interest you and then click on the page link on the right hand side for the full story.

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