Howden, Blackmans Bay and Kettering Marina - South of Hobart



 Hubby's sister was coming to Hobart on a quick working holiday so we took the opportunity to catch up.

It's a 2 and half hour drive down to Hobart from home and then another 15 minutes south of Hobart to where Deb was staying at Blackman's Bay so we took a day off on Friday and headed south for a long weekend.

We had not been south of Hobart so this was a good excuse to check a few places out.



I found a great place to stay in a town called Howden near Blackmans Bay.  

Howden Villa fronted a lovely lake and looked like a mediterranean castle.  We were looked after well.  It had an indoor heated pool which was a nice addition.  Breakfast and dinnner was fantastic.  All in all, if you can get a good deal like us, I recommend a short stay here.



It was a nice drive to Blackmans Bay.  There's a lot of lovely bush around this area south of Hobart.  A lovely place to live I should imagine.

We met up with Deb at a beachside Cafe for brunch and then headed down to the beach where a ton of seagulls were enjoying the sun and surf.


I took a short video of Deb trying to scatter the seagulls in an attempt to get them to fly so that I could get a good photo.

However these seagulls were not going to play ball today.  They just scattered, running in different directions and not flying for us.  

Maybe they are camera shy, like our Tookie.  Every time we try to get a video of him doing something funny, he just shuts up lol.

I was reminded of another time in Watsons Bay, Sydney where the seagulls played right into our hands and Deb was surrounded by them.




We took a drive down the coast to check it out with nowhere in particular in mind.  The small town of Snug looked nice, but popular, so we kept going.

By this time we were famished and spotted a Marina sign.  Ah, that sounded like a good option.

Here, in Kettering Marina we found a cafe overlooking the marina that was full of flash boats and yachts.  

Seawall Cafe was a great choice.  Deb and I had a salad and hubby chose a burger.  Add a couple of glasses of Rose overlooking the marina and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

Definitely a place to come back to.  We are looking forward to exploring more south of Hobart.


See Huonville, circled on the map above.

We have heard that this place is a fantastic tourist destination, full of things to see and with surrounding wineries.

Stay tuned.....



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