Bridestowe Lavender Farm - 2022




When you check out my photos below, you are going to want to come here!

Until now, we have been visiting at the wrong time.  December and January is the best time when the lavender is out in full bloom.  During these two months however, there is a cost at the gate of $20 per person.  Do not let that distract you.  It is well worth it!

Up until now I had tagged my pages for the Lavender Farm as Bridestowe.  Only now have I discovered that there is no town called Bridestowe in Tasmania lol.  The Bridestowe Lavender Farm is actually locate in a place called Nabowla.  And yes, there is nothing else to see at Nabowla.

So why, you may ask as I did, Bridestowe?  

Wikepedia says that Bridestowe was established in 1922 by Charles Denny.  It is named in honour of the birthplace of Charles Denny's wife, the English town of Bridestowe.  Interesting what you can learn from a Google search.  


I hope you enjoy my photos below.


See below a couple of previous photos when not in bloom and then in bloom.

Stunning hey!

😎  😍


I have included below a few photos from hubby and one that I took of hubby with his camera.

I love these too.  



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