Favourite Photo Art

Anyone that knows me is aware that I just love playing on Photoshop.

2021 Update - Bought a new computer and discovered that I would have to pay a monthly fee to use Photoshop.  Not going to happen.

So that is when I found Affinity Photo.  Cost $50 to buy it outright - 3rd of the price of Photoshop Elements.  And it does everything and more.

I also use PhotoScapeX which is free, powerful and very easy to use.  
Check it out 😁

So, I can now say that I am an artist lol.


As you artists out there know, the creative spirit comes and goes.

When I am in a particularly creative mood, I like to grab one of those free photos on the net and manipulate it.  

You will recognise those ones as you check out my creations below.

I also love to play with my photos, grunging them, HDRing them, making small world photos of them and playing with some of the presets.

I have also added some non-manipulated photos here as I feel that they are just art in themselves.  I have creative lenses from Lensbaby, the circular fisheye lens and the edge 35 which creates a line of focus with each side bokkah.  I also have crystals, one from Lensbaby and the others from crystal shops.  Other photo creations are just the way I have taken the photo, on a different angle or with selective bokkah.  It's all in the eye of the artist.

The photo above, my bubble photo is my all time favourite pic.  😁

Anyway, that's enough of my ramble.
I hope you enjoy my creations below.

Please leave a comment to say G'day 😎


I will update this page from the top with my latest creations.



Inside flower light painting photography with Macro lens and Lensbaby Omni Creative filters and crystals.

Post processing with PhotoscapeX and Affinity Photo.


Macro Art




Red and Orange water straight out of the camera at Sisters Beach, north-east Tasmania

Crystal Art

Abstract Art

Opera Eye

Orange Feather

Mercury Melt, Tilba Tilba NSW

Lensbaby Edge 35 Lens Tap Art, Bellum Hotel Mount Schank SA

Closeup Focus Manual Photography, Canon 24mm Pancake Lens
Blue Lake, Mount Gambier SA

Colourful seaweed, Canon 24mm Pancake lene, Riddoch Bay SA

Coloured Rocks, Waigit Beach NT

Grunged Daly Waters Pub NT

Fisheye MacDonall Ranges NT

Bell Gorge, Gibb River Road WA

Water reflections, Cheela Plains Station Gorge WA

Jasper veins, Marble Bar WA

Crystalised Wildflowers, Nalbarra Station WA

Taken at Yilliminning Rock near Narrogin WA  
Tamron 18-270mm on manual closeup

Crystal on Log, Yenyening Lake WA

Sunset water reflections, Walpole WA

Affinity Photo Art

Original Photo

Affinity Photo Art

Original Photo

Compilation of 4 photos

Older Photos


Unknown said...

Hey, I found you!! You've created some very effective images here. I love this sort of thing too, so I'm definitely going to check out PhotoScape X :) Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

Just realised my name doesn't show for some reason - this is Sarah aka Toonsarah

Aussirose said...

Hey Sarah, Was wondering why I have not received any comment notifications. So am working on this now. Hopefully I will get it fixed. Cheers, Ann.