Favourite Sunsets & Sunrises

Who doesn't love a stunning sunrise or sunset? 

There's nothing better than sitting on a beach with wine and cheese 
and enjoying a gorgeous sunset.

Or sitting quietly and waiting for the horizon to change from light blue to lavender to pink  to red and orange as you see the sun peak in the blue horizen.


So please grab a drink of your choice and enjoy my photos.
And don't forget to say G'day.


Cavendish, Grampians VIC

Kingston SE, SA

MacDonnell Ranges NT

Olgas NT

Uluru NT

Derby WA

Broome WA

Quairading WA

Lake Ewlyamartup WA

Walpole WA

Gladstone Bay WA

Wellstead WA

Gabyon Station WA

Lake Argyle WA

Cheela Plains WA

Moon Rise the next day at Cheela Plains WA

Dusk at Cheela Plains WA

Older Photos


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