The Big Lap - Spirit of Tasmania



My smallest page.

Small because we did an overnighter on the Spirit of Tasmania, so not much to photograph.

In fact not much to be happy about at all.

Our trip on the Spirit of Tasmania was horrendous.  If you are crossing with a car and caravan, then I have a few tips for you.  Not to mention the bird.  Shhh, let's not mention the angry bird...  


No. 1 - You are not going to get any free parking for your rig close to the port.  So just be resigned to paying for 2 parking spaces along the esplanade close by.

No. 2 - Do NOT get there early thinking that you will board early.  If you have a caravan, you will be boarded last.  So plan to get there at least an hour after the first boarding time.  We got there early hoping to be first to board and first off.  That did not happen.  We were told to turn our engine off and then we watched a ton of vehicles board the boat before us.  We waited another hour whilst everyone else turned up and was boarded before us.   The worst thing was that we were not given an explanation as to why we were waiting.  

No. 3 - Try to book a cabin.  The loungers are uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, we booked late because it was touch and go if we could actually travel to Tassie with Tookie our Indian Ringneck parrot.  The paperwork that we had to go through was boardering Centrelink application painful.  

No. 4 - Do not believe anything the staff tell you before you board.  We were told that if we waited for the gas canister dude, we could follow him onto the boat and then be first off.  No.  That did not happen.  We had another lengthy wait at the other end before we were allowed off the ship.

Consequently, I hammered the Spirit of Tasmania when they sent me a feedback survey.  They seriously need to take on board my feedback concerning the lack of parking facilities and lack of communication.  


And not to mention, the bird was not happy.  As least he was comfortable in the caravan in the lower deck of the boat.

However he did have to deal with a bunch of howling dogs lol.

Angry Bird!




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