The Big Lap - Eden, Ben Boyd NP, Merimbula & Pembula



Wild coastlines and calm bays.

We had hit New South Wales.



We had just come from Mallacoota, the most eastern town in Victoria.  Now over the border into New South Wales and we chose to stay at the most south/eastern town, Eden.  Well the caravan park was located about 5k's south of Eden at a place called Boydtown.  A beautiful large caravan park right on the beach and with a pool and spa.  Oh and the facilities were real good too.  They had a new large camp kitchen with very clean BBQ's and including an oven.

Interesting story.  I was cooking one afternoon on the BBQ and went inside the kitchen to dispose of some rubbish and found smoke pouring out of the oven.  So I opened the windows and oven and turned it off.  Seems like someone was cooking a pork roast and it looked real done.  Anyway, the smoke set the alarm off.  I just continued BBQ'ing.  Who puts something into the oven and walks away?....

We only went into Eden the one time and I didn't take any photos, unfortunately.  The one below was next day trip to Merimbula.  Unlike a lot of towns along the highway where you have to turn off to go into the town centre, Eden is on the highway and we drove through it to the next towns up the coast.  

We had breakky at a Cafe in Eden, washed down with a cold vietnamese coffee.  Not bad.



Merimbula is a pretty little town on a picturesque bay.  We drove over the bridge with magnificant views, through town and up the hill to a lookout called Short Point.  There were a few out surfing the big waves here.



This town is small, but it's claim to fame is big!

Oysters!   😋  😍

We love our seafood, so just had to stop and grab some oysters for a bit of kilpatrick time.

Not exactly in Pambula, but a closeby town called Broadwater, the oysters here are well known for being some of the best in NSW.  When we arrived, some dude came out and gave us the thumbs up, saying they are the best!  Cool.  😊

Yes, they were delicious!  Just saying though, that the best that we have had apart from the Coffin Bay SA oysters that sadly were contanimated, resulting in them loosing the whole of their crop.....   the best that we have ever had was in a place called Robe SA, Sky Seafood Co-Op.   Yuuum.

Anyway, Broadwater Oysters near Pambula were pretty darned good!  Hey, anything that is fresh out of the sea has gotta be good.  😁

Check out my video below.  There were bellbirds here.  They have a beautiful sound.



Just south of Boydtown in the National Park was a place called Wonboyn Beach.  It wasn't too far so we decided to visit.  I have always been excited to randomly discover places whereas hubby likes to have a set itinerary.  Today was the day of random discovery.  Turns out to have been one of our best day trips.

Boyds Tower

We drove into the National Park and came across a sign to Boyds Tower.  

Well this was nice.  A Tower in the middle of nowhere with 180d views of the rugged coastline.


Disaster Bay Lookout

This reminded me of the lookout at Cape Tribulation QLD where the rainforest meets the sea.  Exactly the same.

We saw a big snake here sunning himself.  I quickly snuck back to the car.


Pulpit Rock

I took a ton of pictures here trying to get those huge waves crashing into the rocks.  Quite impressive.  There were a couple of blokes fishing here.  Gee they have nerves of steel!  

I walked down the wooden stairs but didn't walk onto the rock as it looked slippery.  I left that for hubby but told him to be very careful.  It looked dangerous.

Anyway, great for photography.


Green Cape Lighthouse

A very well kept lighthouse and keepers quarters.  Probably the nicest lighthouse that I have seen.

The coastline here is equally rugged and wild.  Probably more so.

Again, a ton of photos.




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