The Big Lap - Adelaide


Last time we were in Adelaide was in 1997.  We lived for 6 months in Jamestown which is north of Adelaide, heading towards the Flinders Ranges.  Then we lived 6 months in Edithburgh, located on the York Peninsular and west of Adelaide, separated by a stack of water.

At the time I wasn't really impressed with South Australia.

This time around, there are more positives.  Probably has something to do with not going to Jamestown nor Edthburgh.  😏



We stayed at Levi Park Caravan Park, just 4k's north from Adelaide.  It's a cosy caravan park with plenty of greenery and very old mortain bay fig trees.  The pool was lovely but it was a little cold on some days to enjoy it to the max.  There is a bus stop out front that takes you into town.  You will need to buy a transport card as they do not accept cash. 

I would recommend staying at Levi Park Caravan Park.



We caught the bus into Adelaide.  The city centre is very similar to Perth and probably about the same area overall.  Rundle Mall reminds me of Murray Street Mall in Perth with it's sculptures, spheres and graffiti filled side streets.




Last memory of Stirling was good.... and funny.  Check out my 1997 Stirling page for the full story.  This time we dropped by Stirling on our way to Hahndorf in the ranges and it was just as good.  In a different way.

In Autumn when we visited in 1997, Stirling was in full colourful reds and oranges.  This time it was clothed in greenery.  The weather was a little dull and damp but that was pretty cool because the mist in the air made for some nice photos.

We had breakky at the CIBO Cafe in the main street where Woolworths is.  Hubby had a flat white and raison toast.  I had a caramel latte and avocado & fetta on toast which was devine. 



Hahndorf was a place that we both wanted to come back and enjoy.  It's our favourite place near Adelaide.  Hahnforf is the oldest German settlement town located in the Adelaide hills.  It doesn't take too long to drive there but there are some serious mountain ranges that you need to drive up and down to get there.

We had a lovely day wandering around Hahndorf.  Bought some trinkets and gifts and had lunch at the German Arms Pub.  We were served by a lovely young lady who had amazing artistic eyeshadow.  She gladly accepted my request to pose for a photo and showed us some of the artwork that she does on her face every day.  I can image that in itself would be a drawpoint for guaranteeing regular visitors to the pub.  What a wonderful idea. 

Hahndorf has a White House, called The White House lol.
It even had a white caravan out back.  

Prezzy for Ann in Florida


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