Cruising, like all forms of travel, has it's pros and cons.  

Pros - It's cheap travel as the accommodation, food and entertainment is all included.  No itinerary planning is needed and you get to see a few different places in the world, some that you may never have chosen yourself.

Cons - Cruises can be a floating disease incubator as we have seen.  It's not fun if you get sick and have nowhere to go.

Anyway, we took our first family cruise in 2006 from Singapore to Vietnam and then Koh Samui in Thailand.  The Mekong Delta was our highlight.

Next was cruising from Sydney to islands in the South Pacific with our international VT friends.

We have also cruised the Yantze River in China.  Loved it!


Then the last cruise hubby and I took from Singapore to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali and back to Fremantle in Perth.

Check them out below.


2006 - Cruising from Singapore

2016 - Cruising from Sydney

2019 - Cruising the Yangtze

2019 - Cruising from Singapore

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