Day Trip From Launceston - South-East



This page is part of a series of day trips from Launceston.  

We have only visited the first destination on the map below.

I have drawn up an itinery that I think would make a great day out.

Stay tuned for pages on the other destinations.



The park here on the Elizabeth River is picturesque.  We took a quick trip down because hubby needed to make sure he knew where to drop the kids off in the Avoca area.  Some school hiking/camping trip.

Anyway, the park is nice.  I wouldn't have food at the pub.  Everyone loves fish and chips at the pub.  Well my fish left a lot to be desired.  They tried to pass it off as one of the top range fish (sorry, I have forgotten which one).  But in reality, it was just some Woolies bought packet frozen fish.  I was so disappointed.  

Instead, I would have a cake and coffee at JJ's Bakery next door to the pub instead and continue on.


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