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We came back to Sydney for 2 reasons.  1, to catch up with Hubby's dad in Blacktown and 2, to have a little trip down memory lane, visiting some places that hold happy memories for us.

The above photo is of my mum's house in Seven Hills.  After dad passed, mum was struggling.  At the time we were living on a farm in Esperance, down the bottom end of Western Australia.  We packed up our stuff and the kids and dog and moved back across the Nullarbour to Sydney to look after my mum. 

We had our youngest son Jesse here at Blacktown hospital.  Jesse couldn't wait to enter the world and came 4 weeks early.  The others settled in well and went to the local schools, Shelly Primary School and Grantham High, which is now called The Hills Sports High School specialising in Sports.  Both Hubby and our eldest daughter Kelli went to Grantham High and both of them had their names down in history as exceptional runners.  

We also visited hubby's old house in Seven Hills which had a sign out the front advertising a Granny Flat for Lease.  Aparently it hasn't changed much at all.   And also hubby's old Public School at Seven Hills. 




Hubby and I met in Sydney through friends. 



We stayed at a local Caravan Park at a place called Vineyard which is located further west from Seven Hills and Blacktown and close to a place called Windsor.  

Windsor and Richmond hold memories for hubby as his Grandmother lived there.  We went past her old house and it was pretty much run down.  Looked like it was abandoned.  Hubby was sad about that.

The caravan park at Vineyard was disappointing.  It is located in a rural setting but is under the Discovery Parks banner that have a good name and that we have joined for discounts etc.  The pool was nice.  But that was as far as it went.  They had dongas for toilets and showers.  The showers had 2 hooks only and no place to put your soap.  In fact there was barely room to turn around.  

But it got worse.  We were there when New South Wales had major rain and flooding.  Windsor and Richmond got inundated.  The caravan park has no drainage and every time we stepped out of the van, we sank into the grass down to squelching mud, yuuuk.  Consequently I did not wear shoes as my flat pumps would have been ruined.  

We decided to leave 2 days early.  That was the best decision because the flood waters inundated Windsor and we would never have got out.  As it was, we made mud tracks with the 4x4 and decided to gun the caravan out and over the ramps as it would not have been good to go back and then forward.  

There were others that got bogged trying to get out.  Hubby had to help them.



Hubby's dad lives in a little flat in the centre of Blacktown.  We had planned to help him get rid of a stack of stuff.  We were not sure how this would go, working with a bit of a hoarder, but we were pleasantly surprised when he chose to part with about 90% of the accumulated stuff in the living room.

I bought new long distance glasses as I lost my glasses along the way somewhere.  They were on special so I was happy with that.  Previously we have been buying our glasses overseas in Asia as they are so much cheaper there. 

I took a random photo of hubby and his dad.   It's uncanny how alike they look.



We bought our first block of land and built a house in Kincumber, located on the Central Coast north of Sydney.  Back then it cost us $50,000.  Now it's worth $850,000.  So we couldn't wait to see what changes that have been made to warrant such a huge mark up.

Guess what?  It looked pretty much the same.  We couldn't believe it.

We had Kelli here in Kuncumber.

Photos then.

Photos now.



Further up at Toukley was where hubby spent the last few years of high school, living with his grandparents.  This holds happy memories for hubby as he enjoyed surfing and the beach life here.

We drove past the old house and then went to the local beach.  Not much has changed says hubby.


Back in Blacktown, we took the relos out to the local Tavern for dinner.  I had crispy skin Barra and hubby had the prawns and rice.  We were pleasantly surprised at such restaurant quality food at the local pub.


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