The Big Lap - Winchelsea & Great Ocean Road




Great Ocean Road, Part 2.  We had chosen to stay a little inland and drive down to places on the Great Ocean Road as to stay in these places would cost a fortune and there was no guarantee of us getting a spot during holiday season.  Having already checked out the 12 Apostles and the western start of the Great Ocean Road, we were keen to see the other bits and eastern start of this famous road.

The last place that we stayed at was Timboon, a quaint dairy town inland.  This time we chose Winchelsea and the cutest little  caravan park ever.  The couple that own it, Graeme and Kath are so lovely.  They have strict rules that we like.  Our temperature was checked and we felt safe here.  No loud neighbours.  Plus happy hour under the willow tree at 5pm.  We would totally recommend this little caravan park.  

The town is small but it has everything you need along with a lovely little rose garden.



Our first day trip took in Lorne and Apollo Bay.  The Information Centre in Lorne is worth a visit.  We received some great information on the surrounding area.  Lorne itself is very touristy and was packed with holiday makers.  We stayed away from the covid crowds.  😏  But I was able to snap off a few pix from the car.

Just past Lorne, we came across the iconic picturesque bit of the Great Ocean Road.  See map and video below.  Wow!  It was breathtaking!  There were bits that seriously affected hubby's vertigo.  The road here is very windy and in parts quite tight, not withstanding the fact that there were plenty of Brocky wannabees that we also had to contend with.  


Apollo Bay, unlike it ritzy tourist sister Lorne, is more laid back and casual.  We parked in the bay and watched a few little sail boats launch from the boat ramp, whilst eating our lunch that I had prepared.  It's a pretty little place.

Then we drove back to Winchelsea thinking that this road might not be a windy as the one that we drove down on to Lorne from Winchelsea.  Nope.  It was just as windy through the mountain, street lined with rain forest trees and ferns.  Quite pretty but you wouldn't want to suffer with car sickness.



We did a day trip down to Torquay, which is the start of the Great Ocean Road, and through Anglesea to Lorne and back up the windy road.

Hubby used to surf many years ago and I was a surfy chick.  So I knew that he would want to see the famous Bells Beach where they hold international comps.  I plugged it into Google and we hit the road.

Bells Beach is just past Torquay.  We drove straight to the ocean and along the beach road. 

Well there wasn't a surfer shortage here!  They were everywhere.  There was left and right handed breaks so plenty of places to choose from.  Some surfers were entering the ocean via the rocks which looked quite dangerous.  But then I guess that danger is the life and thrill of surfing.

We were both able to get some great photos and I had plenty of time to play with some art settings inbuilt in my 80D Camera as you can see below.




We were pleasantly surprised by Geelong.  We wanted to check out Queenscliff as that is where we will take the ferry over to the Mornington Peninsula.  We drove through Geelong, Drysdale, Portarlington, Indented Head which was very nice, and to Queenscliff and back down through Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads, both also very nice, and back through Torquay to Winchelsea.  See on map below.

We had lunch in the Geelong Botanical Gardens overlooking Geelong and the bay.  We could see the big buildings of Melbourne in the foggy distance.



On our last day  I couldn't be bothered making anyting for lunch so  we walked around the corner to the Pub.  It wasn't busy so we thought we would be safe from the dreaded virus.  The pizza that we shared was freshly made and tasty.  Totally recommend coming here.  Looks like they had recently upgraded the decor which was nicely done.  The staff and chef were lovely.



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