The Big Lap - Koroit, Port Fairy, Warnambool




Victoria Border Sign - Nelson



Heading into Victoria, Koroit was our first VIC stay.  We chose to stay at Koroit as everywhere along the coast here is expensive.  Koroit is a good central place to check out Port Fairy, Warnambool which is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road.  We drove along the Great Ocean Road as far as Peterborough and will do some more of the Great Ocean Road in the new year 2022, which at the time of writing the is only a couple of weeks away.

The caravan park in Koroit is small and well looked after.  It is right beside the botanical gardens, a lovely well kept little garden.  There is a Bega factory in town.  That was a surprise to us.  Koroit is an Irish settlement surrounded by dairy and potato farming.  We drove past Tower Hill, an extinct volcano and now is a huge lake.  The town is full of heritage buildings and has a real homely atmosphere.  We liked our stay here.



We both liked Port Fairy.  It's a pretty little town on the beach.  We wandered along the marina canal lined with some gorgeous houses.  There is a walkway around to the lighthouse that a number of people were out and about getting their exercise on.  We didn't do it as it was very cold and windy.  

Hubby chatted to a local who urged us to come back on New Years Day as they have a boat festival.  He invited hubby to be part of it, helping row the big old boat that was housed in a shed on the canal and only comes out once a year, on the 1st of every year.



This is a big city.  It was very busy so we drove through and up the hill.  The car park here had some spare spaces that we could park and take in the lovely view.  So unfortunatly the only photo that I got of Warnambool is this one.  



The Great Ocean Road is on both our bucket lists.  It starts just past Warnambool and goes all the way to near Geelong.  We will be doing bits and pieces of it as we go along, staying at places a bit inland.



We drove along the Great Ocean Road as far as Peterborough which is a nice little town with a beautiful golf course right on the cliff dunes.  Hubby would dearly love to play here.  Maybe he still can.  Stay tuned.  

The Bay of Islands is just before Peterborough.  These islands look just like the 12 apostles.  There were a couple of viewing places that we stopped at - Boat Bay, Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs and Worm Bay.  We both took loads of photos. 



On our way back to Koroit we came across this quaint little town.  The landscape changed from dairy fields to a lovely green tree lined road.  Then we came across Timboon Cheesery and decided to check it out.  Hubby had devonshire coffee and I ordered a latte and cheesecake.  Everything was fantastic from our tasty treats to the warm ambience and lovely staff.  Yes, we're coming back!  Stay tuned.

As we continued our drive through Timboon we spied a distillary and a sign that said berry farm.  That, plus the cheesery prompted my decision to stay in Timboon when we come back from the Grampians in the new year.

Btw, the Cheesery also has cheese boards and wine!  All the more reason to come back.



Back in Koroit we stopped off at the local Irish Pub, Mickey Bourke's for lunch.  When in an Irish town you just have to check out the Irish Pub.

Turns out that this was an excellent idea.  I had the best ever Guinnes Pie that I have ever tasted.  So much so that I cleaned up the ramekin with my finger to get every last bit of juice.  I am drooling whilst writing this.  Hubby liked his Korma curry too.  

The pub had lots of interesting nic nacks to look at too.  We could imagine how it goes off on their annual Irish Festival every April.  🍀



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