The Big Lap - Kingston SE, Robe & Beachport




It’s been a few months since we have been near a decent beach.  I was hanging for the smell and sound of the surf.  We had left Murray Bridge and took the coast road beside the Coorong and past Meningie.  See my Murray Bridge page.  This area is called the Limestone Coast.  Heading south, our first stop, Kingston SE.  Why Kingston SE and not just Kingston, I wondered?  Google to the rescue. 😊    It’s to distinguish from Kingston-on-Murray.  So, there you go.

We parked up at the local RV park opposite the beach.  Yes! The beach.  😊  The amount of seaweed here is phenomenal.   They even had a tractor permanently on the beach to move the seaweed back.  There is a seafood shop here, but we ended up having our seafood fix in Robe.  More about that later. 

Kingston SE is the home of a big thing.  The Big Lobster.  So of course I had to do the tourist thing and take a pic.  Also, I got some nice sunset photos here overlooking the beach.




Robe beach is pretty.  Robe had a nice feel to it so we decided to stay here a few nights.  We picked a nice little caravan park on the lake.  Very pretty.  The office is in a lovely old heritage building along with a lovely heritage house alongside. 

There was only one problem.  It was bitterly cold and the wind was churning up lots of white foam.  I took my first timelapse here.  See below.  Not the best, but at least I know it works.  Will have to practice some more.  Tookie wanted to go out and was looking out the window.  Hubby had to warn him about the cold wind lol.

Seafood fix.  Robe had a fantastic little marina so there was no doubt to us that the seafood here would be fresh.  We found a small seafood co-op and bought fresh prawns, oysters, crab meat and marinated octopus.  I made oyster Kilpatrick and a crab chowder and the prawns got devoured el natural.  The seafood was indeed fresh!  Yummy.  😁




Hubby and I just loved Beachport.  Hubby in particular because the Caravan Park was located right in between the beach and Golf Course.  Hubby just loves his beach fishing and golf. 

The beach is picture postcard perfect.  Beachport claims to be the lobster capital and no wonder.  It has a great boat launch and there were lots of lobster boats. 

We drove around the cliffs on Bowman Scenic Drive and pulled up at the various lookouts.  The water here is deep blue with plenty of white-water surf breaks.  I wouldn’t be surfing here though as the rocks looked pretty treacherous.  In addition, South Australia is well known for great white sharks. 

We had 2 nice lunches in Beachport.  We shared duck spring rolls and a chicken burger at Bompas in the main street and hubby had a Tim Tam cake.  I liked the atmosphere and minimalistic dΓ©cor.  The view out of the window looking at the beach was nice.  I caught a picture of hubby in a pensive moment and made it black and white.  The other meal was a shared fish burger at the seafood shop opposite the jetty.  Soooo fresh and very yummy!   This place is popular and we know why.  πŸ˜‰




As the Golf Course is just across the road from the Caravan Park here, hubby decided to have a round.  I went along for the ride and hopefully take some good photos.  We both had a great time.  It was fun driving around in the golf buggy.   I think the photos turned out real good.  Maybe I should take up golf.  I told hubby that I don’t need an expensive golf set.  Just 2 clubs will do me.  A driving one and a putting one πŸ˜‰



All in all, our drive down the Limestone Coast was well worth it.  Good decision.  We could have driven down through the Coonawarra Wine Region.  Gee South Australia makes a lot of wine!  But we had already experienced the Clare and Barossa.  I am happy that we went this way so that I was able to get a beach and seafood fix. 😊  

 Hubby and I are checking out places along the way for a potential spot to settle down.  Beachport so far is up there on our list.  There is probably just one thing that is a negative to me and that is Beachport is too far from Adelaide to fly out to see the kids and visa versa.  I do want to be closer to a major hub or at least maybe a train ride to a major hub.  That’s not asking too much.  Or is it?...



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