The Big Lap - Kununurra & Wyndham



Kununurra itself is small however it has a lot going for it with plenty sights close by.

We felt quite comfortable and safe here.  That is probably due to staying at the town caravan park which was fenced and gated with the gates closing at 5pm every day.  It is the best caravan park that we have stayed at so far.  Vicki who owns and runs the joint works very hard and always has a smile.  Nothing is too difficult for her.  The other staff are just as pleasant.  The amenities are ultra clean and like new and the pool is a pleasant oasis surrounded by tropical plants and covered by a big shade sail.  We spent a lot of time at the pool.  😀

The Caravan Park, being in town, was within walking distance from the shopping centre, pub and bottlo.  I took the last pic here walking up the road from the Caravan Park which backs onto the Pub.  You can see the shopping centre and pub and bottlo are to the right.  We had a couple of nice meals here and hubby was able to watch the sport.  And I could purhase my wine at the Thirsty Camel before walking home to the Caravan Park.  

There were heaps of mango trees in the Caravan Park.  Not all people were into the mangos as they are what's called stringy mangos.  I love stringy mangos.  They are small, smell devine and are sweet and juicy.  Delicious!!  😄



Guess if we are going to do the big Penticost River Crossing on the Gibb, then we had better get some practice in.

The Ivanhoe Crossing is not too far out of town.  Hubby was really nervous.  We watched a couple of 4 wheel drives do the crossing and took a few photos.  Then it was our turn to do it.

Check out the video below.  😁



After crossing the river, we continued on the rutty road to Middle Springs.  Being late in the season there was no waterfall and the spring was no more than a big puddle.  Not really impressive for us at all.  No where near as nice obviously as the pictures on google portray the springs.



Kelly's Knob is the town lookout with a fabulous view.

We totally cracked up when we saw the sign down below.....  with a shopping trolley.
Memories came flooding back of a young teenage daughter and friend who could not just walk past a shopping trolley.  They just had to get in it and fang it through the car park, including drink driving!

Kelly's Knob.  Fitting name lol.  😂 



This is the first time that we have seen an amazing National Park so close to town.

They say that the gorges look like the Bungle Bungles with notable layers in the rock.

Even though I am pretty much all gorged out, I appreciated coming to this place.  However we did not spend too long as the heat was oppressive being over 40C!  They have very good steel pathways which I imagine would assist just after the monsoon season as down the bottom it is very low.

This is definitely a gorgeous place to visit.



We took a day drive to Wyndham which is 90k's up the road.  Top end of Australia.

On the way we took the side road to The Grotto which is only 2 k's in.  We heard that it is very nice down at the bottom but the pathway in looked a bit daunting with many steps so we chose to take photos from the top.  It's a long way down by the look of it.

My camera battery was flat today so I had to take photos from the phone.  Please excuse the poor quality.



We both wanted to capture a photo of a colourful mountain range with boab trees in the foreground.
This place delivered.

The story goes that a lady called Maggie & partner from Wyndham were the first to drive into this valley in the hunt for native birds to which they captured and sold around Australia and overseas.

We have seen quite a few steel signs and siloette statues now that are made like this for the purpose of capturing the sunset colours through them.  The most impressive ones were at Derby.  See my Derby page.



We are glad that we did not choose to stay here.  It felt a bit spooky.

Anyway, the river front was nice but Wyndham does not have much else going for it other than the 5 Rivers Lookout which was pretty impressive.  The drive up was a bit scarey though.

Wyndham has a Big Thing.  Yep, had to get a pic of the Big Croc. 

And some other random photos.



By this time I was tired and wanted to get back to the cool pool.

So I didn't really appreciate Molly Springs, and in hindsight, we probably should have visited it first thing before the crowds.  Yes it was crowded with families and kids.  The photos below, I took out the people in post processing.

It's not far to walk in but the path was a little muddy and had rocks with moss on so I took it very slow.
At least the falls were still running and it was nice and shady.



Up town there is a huge dam that blocks off the salt water crocs.  Thus Town Beach is safe to swim in.  There were quite a few people here and their dogs.  

Nearby, is a lovely park and boat ramp with dead trees in the lake that would make for a great sunset or sunrise pic.  At the time of writing this I am hoping that we will come back to do this.
Stay tuned.


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