The Big Lap - Broome & Cape Leveque


Finally!  We made it to Broome, yeh 😊

We could certainly feel the heat.  Time to put the generator to work as I had booked us into unpowered at the caravan park 20k’s out of town near the Roebuck Roadhouse.  In hindsight, I probably should have paid more and gone for one of the caravan parks in town that had more amenities, including a power and a pool.  You live and learn hey.  

Again, we had no WIFI.  Not happy…. Ann!   But at least there was shade and an afternoon breeze and the toilets & showers were good, being in the same cubicles together.   Great idea.

Oh and more talking birds.  They were just little ones but gee they had loud guttural songs that sounded like they were saying BadBoy.  So funny 😁




So, I had to do my WIFI in town.  And what better surroundings than at the Roey – Roebuck Hotel, whilst sipping on a chilled wine or beer.  We liked the Roey.  It was fascinating to watch the bar person make some mean looking cocktails.  Only problem with cocktails is they go down too quick and cost a bit, so I just stuck to wine and beer.  

Having said that, there are new rules in the northern part of Australia in relation to how much grog you can purchase each day.  And do you think it will stop the offenders?  Of course not!  You must show your picture ID, so I kept my passport in my purse at all times.  It’s kind of awkward buying grog and feeling like you are a criminal.  And I could not get cask wine either, so decided that for the time being when we get back on the road, I would buy a slab of beer instead as that would be a lot cheaper than buying wine bottles.





I had made a good decision by not taking the van up to Cape Leveque.  Apart from the mileage, it’s some 250k’s up to the tip, the roads off the major thoroughfare are horrendously rutted.   Instead we spent a day to drive along the first red track, Manari Road.  Tyres let down, we headed to Willie Creek, Barred Creek, Quondong and James Price Point.



This place was a surprise.  The red dirt track led to a white salt track and at the end was Willie Creek Pearl Farm with a nice shop and restaurant near a lovely white sand creek.  We were impressed.

We put Tookie in the backpack and entered the nice pearl shop.  First time taking the bird into a shop.  The staff didn’t have a problem thank goodness and some other people who were there for the pearl farm tour were quite taken that we had our pet bird travelling with us and in our backpack 😊

We went for a walk to check out the white sand lined creek and came back for coffee and iced coffee for me.  They need to learn how to make a good iced coffee.  You can dispense with the ice please, make it a double shot of coffee and give me a lot of cream.  Instead, I got weak coffee and ice.  Yuk!  I had damper which was more like herb scones and hubby had what looked like lamingtons from Wollies, haha.  They need to up their game if they want to get more than a one star rating on google lol.

Anyway, it was a pleasant visit and we continued on up the red dirt track.





We took the side track to Barred Creek and arrived at the notice board and a couple of tracks leading off into the scrub.  Whilst scratching our heads, a camper came out of the bush track and advised us that they hadn’t seen anything nice so we continued on to Quondong Point.

Quondong Point is nice.  We parked up top because the track down to the beach looked too dangerous.  I was nervous about crocks but there was a family swimming just before we got out of the car.  I felt a little bit safer but was definitely not going to enter the water.  Tookie took it all in, safe in his backpack.





The high red cliffs here were quite spectacular.  Unfortunately, it was a little too windy to put up our car awning so we just made our sandwiches and sat and ate them in the car.  







Having experienced Cable Beach, we were glad to come here to watch the sunset rather on the other super packed beach.  Having said that, sunset on Gantheaume Beach was packed as well lol.  There was a sea of 4x4’s lined up.  Oh well, if you can’t beat them, join them 😉

We discovered Gantheaume Beach on the way to see the supposedly famous dinosaur foot prints.  We thought they were here and so drove onto the beach and did a bit of a walk through the rocks on the foreshore.  We couldn’t see any so drove out and continued on to the Point up the road and past the racecourse.  Hubby was saying that no wonder they telecast the Broome Cup live as it always has nice scenery.  We could see why.





Ok, so this is the place to view the dinosaur foot prints.  There was an info board where we parked the car.  Some dude taking a couple on a pretty cool looking Harley Trike rolled up and I managed to scab a bit of useful info as he showed them one of the footprints.

We hadn’t discovered any others so I showed them to hubby and we both thought that it was a bit of a scam.  Looked so man made it wasn’t funny lol 😊

Anyway, the scenery here is stunning.  Just past an old looking lighthouse there are the rocks and cliffs leading down to the most gobsmacking turquoise-blue sea you can imagine.


Dinosaur Footprints.  We think they are man made.






Chinatown is the main shopping district in Broome.  This is where you go to buy trinkets etc.  We got hubby a nice new Kimberley Boab Tree mug and I bought a big Broome Camel Sunset magnet.

I also got myself a pair of hippy pants and shorts, the later I haven’t worn since I was about 15, and to be honest, they will only be night around the house wear haha.  When you look at your old duck frumpy frame in a pair of shorts…… no …….   Let’s change the subject haha.




One word – Overrated!  We tried the tasting beer paddle.  Cr@p.  The food was cr@p.  View?  Nup!

Give it the flick and go to the Roey instead.  The garlic prawns there are yummy.  Ask for extra bread to mop up that juice. 😁

The only thing that was good at Matso's was a little gecko that came along and was not camera shy.  He did this little wave every now and again with his claw, in between catching flies.  And No, we were not over-indulgent with the cr@ppy beer lol.  Fairdinkum!  He did!  It was so cute 😊  We even had the couple next to us focused on him as well.





Near Matso's is the Thursday evening markets which start at 4pm.

They are held on a lovely grassed lawn overlooking Roebuck bay.  Many were taking advantage of the cheap food and having a picnic on the grass.

We didn't purchase anything but enjoyed a wander around.

These two lovely Aboriginal young ladies came up and wanted to pose for a pic.  Yeh sure 😊  I really like the photo.




Yes, it’s nice.  Yes, driving onto the beach is a novelty.  Yes, you can have optional clothing if you go up the beach a bit. But the number of tourists here takes away what could be classed as a top rating beach in Australia.  And I believe that many sheltered West Australians may think that it is.  Too bad that they have not seen some of the best beaches in Australia.  Beaches where there is no one around for miles.  Whole beach to yourself.  Shhhh, I am not going to tell……  lol.

Btw, tip - don't fall asleep beside your car on Cable Beach as both of you might get washed away.  Yes the beach is very tidal and the tide comes in quick.  So make sure you check out the tide times.  The Info Centre has brocures with them in.





We stopped here a couple of times when visiting Cable Beach.  It’s on the road in.  We liked it.  A welcome bar out of the heat.  Watched a couple play pool.  Close game that got the surrounding people’s attention.  We shared a chicken panini burger and chips which was really tasty.  Recommeded.




About 5 k’s down the road from our Caravan Park going towards Broome was the Mango Place. 

I was looking forward to tasting their Mango wine as I have been to a place called the Golden Drop at Marreba in QLD, north/west of Cairns and had the best Mango bubbles ever!

Sadly, the Mango wine and liqueurs did not live up to the ones at the Golden Drop but the Mango Place had some awesome sauces and relishes.  I had a tasting paddle of them with crackers along with the wine and liqueur paddle.  I bought the chilli/mango relish to go with my tasty cheese and crackers and hubby bought the mango jam to have on his toast.

It was really nice sitting amongst the tropical shady trees and next to big fans and enjoying our tastings.  I would recommend this place.



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