The Big Lap - Quindanning



I like to check out the site for free camping whilst we avail ourselves of a good pub meal.  

This is how I found Quindanning Tavern. 

So we hit the road from Lake Towerrinning and enjoyed country views along the way.


Quindanning consists of just the Tavern as far as we could see.  But that is a good reason to visit, right?


The food was good pub tucker and the drinks were reasonably priced.  In fact a bottle of red was only $24.  Bargain 🍷👍

The Tavern also provides toilets and showers that we could use at no cost, just like Dumbleyung Tavern.  I reckon more pubs and wineries should do this to grab the ever increasing caravanners touring Australia right now.

The best thing however was a roaring fire.  Very welcome when it is sooooo cold outside.

Hubby and I had a couple of games of pool and chatted to the locals including a couple of traveller drop ins like us.  All in all it was worth it.  Nice and relaxing.  

Aparently this Tavern regularly does live bands and gets quite crowded at certain times.  Good on them!  There should be more of this in Australia.



The Video below was uploaded to youtube.  Unfortunately the music playing in the pub at the time was from a well known rock band from WA.  No prize for guessing.

But I wasn't allowed to publish it.  So as you view the video on Quindanning Tavern, please imagine the song about dynamite playing in the background.

Are you serious youtube?...

Oh well, there's always a way round this Copyright silliness.



Check this out.  Thick fog surroundied the pub and up the road in both directions.  We had to wait a while for it to clear.  But it afforded some nice shots.





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