Hubby and I needed a short break away from work and kids.  Hubby's dad wanted a small holiday away from Sydney.  What better way than to invite him to enjoy Perth for a couple of weeks and help us out at the same time.  😉

As much as this was a quick getaway, we are always searching for the more exciting stuff around every corner.  So although we have been to Singapore before, we wanted to discover more about this interesting little island.  



Of course we had to go check out the Merloin.  Last time we were here in 2006 it was blocked off for renovations.

The big boat in the background was under construction.  Next time we were to visit 10 years later, the Marina Bay Sands is a famous world hotel with a fabulous infinity pool right up the top.  Check out my 2019 Blog.




me we enjoyed Little India and we still agree that the food at the food hall washed down by a few Tigers is the best.  But I prefer Chinatown for shopping and the atmosphere.




We took the MRT here.  Short rail trip and enjoyable walk through the gardens and Chinese Temples.  It was a lovely relaxing morning.




What a fun place!  The birds and trainers kept us entertained 😁

The show is a must see.  This bird sang Happy Birthday.  Birds played ping pong.  Birds flew through hoops above our heads.  And even the geese followed directions and you could tell they loved the audience feedback.  Plenty of laughter all round 😂

We enjoyed the walk through the different bird enclosures.  Everything is so aesthetically pleasing and the birds looked like they loved it here.  




Chili Crab!  Singapore favourite.  Shareen, our good VT friend was looking forward to catching up with us again.  We had hosted Shareen in Perth, giving here a taste of the good old Aussie BBQ 😉 

Now.... it was Shareen's turn.  Singapore Chili Crab!

And boy what that awesome!!

Photo of Shareen on our beach with Patches.



Who loves a good secret destination?!!

Well, this place is not going to be a secret anymore.  Sorry Singapore....

Pulau Ubin is a short boat ride from north Singapore.  You can see Malaysia in the distance.  We got the train to the end of the line and then caught a Taxi to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. 

Only problem was that the Taxi took us to the wrong Ferry Terminal - the big one where you go to Borneo.   Then we got another Taxi, that took us to another rather deserted terminal with scary looking guards.  Wrong!  lol.

Finally, last Taxi got us to the right place and we sat down and waited for the required number of people to rock up for the boat.  Cost - $3 per person.  And half hour later, we disembarked and were warmly welcomed to the Island.

Pulau Ubin is small.  Not sure about the transport situation, but we didn't see any cars, even though there is a bitumen road around the island.  The major mode of transport is by bicycle. As soon as we disembarked our bumboat, and headed into the village, we were bombarded by several bicycle hire shops and staff touting their best deals.  

So we hired our cycles and hit the road.

I would recommend this day out to anyone that visits Singapore.  An enjoyable and easy bike ride along the tree lined road around the island with a variety of photo opportunities along the way.


Beer o'clock.  🍺
Accompanied by lunch and a gorgeous view.
Doesn't get any better.

Singapore, we love you.
And we will be back.

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