2014 - KUALA LUMPUR & Formula 1

Back in KL for more dental work at Dental Pro.  We visited KL twice in 2014. This was the first trip in March.  

Our dentist had to fit the screw for our implants.  Then we wait for a few months and come back to fit the tooth.  This is all pain free, no needles at a state of the art facility in Bangsar.  No need to worry about transport as we are picked up and taken back in the Merc.

We again stayed at the Traders Hotel located near the Twin Towers.

I was lucky enough to capture the towers in green.  Usually they have just white lighting.



This time we discovered a fabulous award winning restaurant in Bukit Bintang.
This little Vietnamese restaurant has an amazing wall of fame showing all of the awards they have

won.  And quite rightly so.  The food was fresh and so delicious!  I also loved the cosy atmosphere and
bright coloured walls and decorations.  Lots to look at whilst eating.... Along with a bit of people watching too.

It is located in the heart of restaurant alley in Bukit Bintang.  We also met the head chef and heard his story.  It seems that he had done a stint of training in Sydney.  Small world.



I am sure you have read my previous story about the monkeys and fireflies.  If not, then head over to my 1st trip to KL in 2010 where my daughter Janine stole the show with her monkey interaction.

This time hubby and I wanted to introduce our KL friends May Sue and Valerie to our private driver and friend Patrick.  What better way than have Patrick take us on his fabulous tour to see the monkeys and fireflies in Selangor.
This trip also includes a fantastic dinner right on the river at sunset.  Patrick sure knows how to arrange everything so that we have the best time! 
This time we also visited the popular 



 I didn't quite know what this was all about, but the traffic queues to get in told me that it was pretty popular with the locals.  Tasted pretty cool. Similar to the Asian bubble drinks we have had before.




We planned this trip around the formula 1 - a first for us.
Again, Hubby had to sweet talk security that he wasn't a professional photographer when they

threatened to take his big lens off him.  Lol.

I used the opportunity to practice my photography panning techniques.  I was really happy with some

of my photos.


Next visit to KL towards the end of the year in October - and an exciting invitation.

Stay tuned.....
One more photoshopped pic.... just for fun.



This was for our final trip to Dental Pro.  Dentistry in KL is less than a 3rd of the cost in Australia.   The only way we could afford to get teeth implants in Australia would be to win the lotto.   Even then I would still come to KL for my dental care.  The setup is state of the art and we are also picked up and dropped off at our hotel.   All included in the cost.

Thanks Dental Pro.  Maybe next time we'll come back next time for some teeth whitening.



This time we chose to stay at the Millennium Hotel.  It is located right next to our favourite shopping centre the pavilion in Bukit Bintang and also our favourite pub - Malones.

I really liked the club lounge here.  It has a nice outdoor sitting area with subdued lighting and a pond with fish and fountain.  Love the sound of running water.   It was also a nice place to people watch down below.




The highlight of this trip was being invited to a VT wedding.  This is the second wedding we have attended for one of our Virtual Tourist friends.  It's a shame VT was shut down by Trip Advisor.   We were such a warm friendly community.
Anyway, I told hubby that he needed to lose his unruly beard and our friend May Sue agreed.  So May suggested that we visit a Barber.

Stylo Barber located opposite Chinatown is not just any Barber.  It is actually the oldest Barber Shop in KL.   It has been running in the family since 1937.  Check out the history in the link above.
Anyway, here we are in stylo for the big beard shave.  The barber had to ask a couple of times if hubby was sure that he wanted to remove that awesome beard.  

May Sue and I yelled YES! 

Ahhh, now that's much better.
And we walked around the corner to the reggae bar for a celebratory drink.



Mei Leng looked absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately the photos I took were not very good.  My point and

shoot camera wasn't focusing properly.

Hubby and I felt very privileged to have been invited.  We met Mei Leng and Charles a couple of years

earlier when they came to Perth for a visit.



We had arranged to have lunch again at our favourite Cafe, the Swine in Publica Shopping Centre.   First of all, May took us to a nice park in town.



If you have read my previous blogs, you will know all about this.   But for those of you that haven't, the Swine Cafe and Shucked Oysters Bar are located on the lower ground level of Publica Shopping Centre.
This is a unique experience for us because they are right in the middle of a major grocery shop.   Yep, for you fellow Aussies, imagine walking into Wollies or Coles to go to a restaurant?   Imagine also being able to buy BYO in the same shop.   Imagine being able to sit at an Oyster Bar in the middle of Coles and eat fresh shucked oysters washed down with a coldie purchased in the same grocery shop?!!    
Blinkin' awesome!!  


We didn't do a lot of touristy stuff so my big camera pretty much stayed in the bag.
However whilst our dentist was preparing the implants, we had to take a week break somewhere, so decided to check out India for the first time.  Please visit my India blog up next.

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