Since the purchase of my Canon 60D DSLR camera in 2012,   I had plenty of time to practice.   So that now I was ready to get some awesome shots.

Most of these were taken from the Sky Bar at the Traders Hotel.  This is one of the best places to view the towers at night.  Mind you, we were told to put our cameras away but some sweet talking from Howie made security understand that we were not professionals.

This time we chose to stay at the Traders Hotel.  Great location and nice buffet breakfast.  They also have a little free fake train that takes you up to the Twin Towers.



It's fun to be in Kuala Lumpur during the Chinese New Year.  The street parade was great to see and then later in our favourite shopping centre, the Pavilion, the rich red decorations were gorgeous.

Also part of the festivities are lions going from shop to shop offering blessings for the New Year which was pretty cool to watch.


Our favourite restaurant without a doubt in KL.  Our friends May Sue and Valerie introduced us to the Swine Café.   
Located on the lower ground floor of the Publica Shopping Centre right inside a major
grocery store, the Swine Cafe has a wide variety of Asian and Italian food.  It's fun to all order differentdishes and then share as is common in KL.
At first hubby and I thought it strange that a restaurant should be located in amongst a grocery store?   But it actually makes sense.  Well sort of.
What also makes sense is that right next to the swine is a liquor shop in the same grocery store.

Weird to us because our grog shops are always separate.  In Australia, grocery shops do not sell alcohol.
If you are going to KL, I strongly suggest that you pay a visit to the Swine Café.



But this wasn't the end of our culinary experience in this grocery store.

Yes!!  Fresh shucked oysters!! Omg!  They were to die for.   And best of all, we could also byo, (bring your own grog).  So back to the liquor store we went.




Highlight for this trip was Pulau Ketam (crab island).  Ketam is aptly named for its crabs that have the run of the island.

Our driver Patrick., who btw presented me with a lovely bunch of flowers when he picked us up from the airport, was beginning to learn that we love off the beaten path places so when I mentioned Pulau Ketam as
a place we'd like to visit.   Patrick was well prepared to show us a fantastic day!

We drove west to Port Klang.   Not a long journey.  And then caught a boat over to Pulau Ketam.

This bit was a little uncomfortable as we were confined to the lower boat cabin and had to contend with strong diesel fumes.  But that was all worth it because we had such a great day on Pulau Ketam.


Pulau Ketam is a quaint fishing village with canals.  Walking around the small streets with colourful houses and friendly locals was a pleasure. Wherever we go, hubby and I enjoy seeing how the other half live.



Along the main thoroughfare is an array of seafood restaurants.  Patrick had obviously teed something up for us because here, we were shown through the restaurant and out the back to a verandah with stunning views of the canal and stilt houses.
What a fabulous place to have a seafood extravaganza washed down with our favourite..... Tiger Beer.




Whilst waiting for our teeth implants to be made back at Dental Pro in Kuala Lumpur, we decided this time to visit Penang.
I had arranged this trip around being invited to my very first Virtual Tourist wedding.   More about that later.
I was quite excited to check out Penang Island.  I had heard that the food was pretty good.

Well.... Good doesn't cut it.  The food here is outstanding!   Such a wide variety from street food to 5 star restaurants and everything in between including my favourite food.   Baba Nyonya.   If you have read all about my visits to Melaka you will already know that Baba Nonya food is the best!!
If not, and you are visiting Penang, you have to go check it out.

So please do not be surprised if every tip and photo here is food related lol.


We chose to stay on the beach out of the town centre.  Great choice!   Park Royal on Ferringhi Beach was an experience I will never forget.  I judge a good hotel by the personal touch, remembering our names,
personal interaction with us at the bar, little things like a welcome gift or animal towels at the end of the bed.  Oh and a good buffet breakfast also is a hit.

Well the Park Royal excelled in the remembering names department.   It also excelled in the creating fun at the
beach bar.   Buffet breakfast was fantastic as well.  But the ultimate drawcard was the cocktail bar in the evening with lovely romantic popular Jazz songs.

Dawn & Dusk at the Park Royal.


As in Pulau Langkawi, we hired a car at the hotel.  If you want to visit some off the beaten path places then you need your own car.  We were advised to go right and head down to the spice gardens and then if we were
adventurous, drive up and around the mountains for some great views.  That is exactly what we did.

I would totally recommend the spice gardens.  It is a quiet, shady retreat with gorgeous gardens and a nice place to relax in one of the tree-top cabanas.
We actually came here again with the wedding party meet and greet.   And had dinner at the Tree Monkey Restaurant.   No pix.... But I highly recommend it. 



Heading up and around the mountain we passed a huge dam water supply and then past the Tropical Fruit Farm
and pulled up at the top of the mountain with a beautiful view.
Time for a beer break, relax and chat to the locals.  Hubby bought a strong home made liniment that he swears by to help ease muscular pain.  We need to go back and get some more of that stuff.
But just the quiet ambience and nice simple conversation washed down with a cold beer.



Tonight we heard a whisper that there were some good restaurants south along the
beach from the Park Royal.  So hubby and I wandered down along the beach and came to
a hive of activity.
We found the Ferringhi Garden Restaurant.  I could not fault the food.  It was just enough,
decorated well, ambience quiet with soft lighting and plenty of greenery.  Plus air-con.
I would rate this restaurant a 7 out of 10.



You have probably by now read some of my blogs and virtual tourist stories.   VT is no longer my favourite travel site.  It was bought out by Trip Advisor and then after a few years, axed by TA.
So here I relate an amazing story of how a kind, good hearted VT'er Swee Long and his lovely wife took us out for an amazing day that hubby and I will never forget.
We met Swee Long and Kak Wan again when they came to Australia in 2016 for our big Sydney VT meet and last meet before VT folded.
This will not be the last.


We headed across the big bridge that separates the island to the mainland and stopped to check out a nice river view.
This is where Swee Long lives.  He then introduced us to an authentic breakfast in a little café.

And we visited the local market where I got real excited that they were selling small lady finger bananas.  I won't touch the big tasteless bananas that we get in Perth.  Perthians do not know what a good banana tastes like.
I grew up in Brisbane where we were fortunate to have these little lady fingers.  They are so sweet and tasty.   Unlike their huge cardboard tasting relatives.
We also tasted small fruit that was similar to lychies called Dokong fruit.
This market was full of fresh fruit and other goods.  We got quite a few looks from the locals who don't often see tourists in their neck of the woods.

Then off to a local national park for a walk amongst nice shady trees with small creek running through.

I had a go at long exposure photography without my tripod which is pretty much necessary for this type of photo genre. 
Happy with this result. 

Lunch was again fantastic.   Gotta love Penang foodie heaven.

And finally we caught the ferry back over to Pulau Penang, car and all.

It was a happy and sad goodbye.   But not the last.
Thank you so much Swee Long and Kak Wan for taking the time out to show us around your local area.
If you ever visit Perth, we will be keen to repay your wonderful hospitality. XX


One of the places near Georgetown which is the capital of Penang is the big hill.
Penang Hill is one of the major attractions of Penang, and rightly so.  We caught the little train up the steep hill. It rattled and swayed and sometimes almost came to a stand still..  But eventually we made it to the top.
And what a view!! 



Ferringhi Beach is a hive of activity in the night.  They have markets, restaurants, bars and tuk tuks with bright colourful fairylights.


Was my favourite. The staff were awesome, friendly atmosphere, tables fronting the street for people watching... And the food!   Devine!   Firm 10/10 for me.

Time to wash down all of that delicious food.


Just up the road we found this cute little pub decked out in wood.   Sorry..... Blonde talk.
What a great way to end the evening.  Chatted to the bar man and other randoms that dared enter, and had a fun time!  
I recommend this place.  8/10.


You can't miss this!  We needed to have a good steak.  Malaysian food is great!  But we were having big meat withdrawal symptoms. Believe me.... That is not a good sight.
The ship restaurant has huge steaks!   Almost as good as the ones we bbq back at home.   Dinner was a yummy gastromonical experience. 6/10.  

Would have been a 7/10 but the Ferringhi Garden Restaurant took that place.


Take me home!!! ..... Less than a mile down the road.



This is what I miss about VT.  We were such a warm and friendly travel community. 
!!@#%% YOU TA!
I felt so privileged to be invited to my very first Virtual Tourist wedding.  Winnie found out that we planned to visit Penang and immediately invited us to her wedding.  
We had never met Winnie... But hey!!  What an absolute privilege to attend a wedding in another part of the world. Wow!
So here we are, the day before, meeting Winnie and the groom's friends on the foreshore of Ferringhi.


Omg!  I am in tears writing this now.  What an amazing experience.  Winnie looked just amazing!    

And John is from New Zealand.  They both are now living in NZ.  Love you guys!!




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