Hubby decided to go gem hunting.   Call it a midlife crisis, lol. 

I was in! 😁  Having done heaps of rock hunting and gold panning with my dad in the good old days.   Young Jesse couldn't wait to go out gem hunting!!    So we got our Miners Licence, just register and pay, and hit the road to Yellowdine.


There's not much at Yellowdine, except for an almost dry lake. But surrounding the lake is a gem hunter's paradise.   In particular quartz.   As we all know, if you find Quartz, then you'll find gold!   We were hoping.....
Well we may have come across a bit of fools gold, but the Quartz here is amazing!   The boys had lots of fun and I was reminded of fabulous childhood memories of trying to find that big fabulous gem!!

No Quartz Crystals.

Took us a while to figure out where Yellowdine Lake was as there were no big visible signs. After driving back and forth, we stopped at the petrol station and the young girl at the counter complete with pink hair and a nose ring couldn't tell us.   Huh?!!
Upon leaving the gas station we spied a little sign to the lake!!
Obviously not many tourists drive over 6 hours to go gem fossicking in this little outback town.... LOL.
But that didn't stop us.  The track in became smaller and smaller. I love paperbark trees so was enjoying the scenery.  
There were a couple of spots where we knew we were getting close and I had to jump out of the car to direct hubby through the narrow bits. That was an adventure in itself.

Yes overly Photoshopped with one of my early sky swaps. 😁



We drove the round trip south through Shackleton and Kokerbin back to Perth.  I have detailed info on these 2 interesting places later on my 2013 Blog. 
But for now I have a story to share with you. This is really a memory for my family and especially young Jesse for years to come.
At Kokerbin rock we found a mini wave rock which was fun to surf on.

And, story goes like this -
Jesse reached up, and touched.

A deadly

Golden Orb Spider.
Things immediately went fuzzy.

And Jesse's face began to droop

He started to grow tall

His face suddenly changed

He couldn't shoo that fly away.

And as you have probably realised by now.

It was all a big joke!   Lol.


Jesse was having some serious selfie fun whilst hubby and I were busy taking really serious photos.

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