Our big VT meet in 2007 host by aussirose.  The first big Australian VT meet was in 2006.
Virtual Tourist no longer exists, thanks to Trip Advisor buying it out and deleting the site, all of my memories are raw and painful because this was my favourite site and I haven’t found one since that has replaced it.  Frankly I have not got over it.
So rather than bore you with the details of this meet, here are just some photos of a few special highlights to show you some of the fun we had.
In fact my Australian blogs in 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018 centre around the big yearly Downunder international VT meet.  Don’t pass them by though as we also enjoyed the stunning scenery the Australia has to offer and I have some fantastic pix to showcase. 

Stephanie & Gerry from VT Headquarters came!! 
Steph being the VT Mum.
Her sons created Virtual Tourist.

This was their first time at a big Downunder VT Meet. 
I felt so privileged to host them.  😄

Stephanie and Gerry were big on providing VT goodies like thongs, stickers, pens, special VT Meet badges, Luggage Tags, VT Flags, drawstring bags and lots of other goodies.

If they could not come in person, they would ship and goodies to the Meet host.  But they loved us Aussies and attended a few more big international meetups there.

I miss Steph and Gerry.  😢

Who can resist the Lancester Wineries handsome fellas

TheTravelSlut and TheBoyToy - from Florida



That is Virtual Attendees.  Not sure who started this but it caught on quick on VT land.  😁

These laminated pictures are VTérs from all around the world that would love to come and join us.

So they did.

And as you read my blogs, you will see that they actually had more fun than we did.  They got up to a ton of mischief. 😜

Pickledonions and host Alex-Perth

Aussirose with Waaleweiner and LoriPori from Canada

Nezz and PJ from Netherlands

Girls on the table - too much wine

Fellas taking pictures of girls on the table too much wine

TheTravelSlut finds the dunny


A few of my VA adventures overseas.  
There were more better ones, but I don't have them anymore.  😟


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