Back in Esperance again to visit the outlaws. 

We have since fallen out with them so this is a bitter-sweet blog.

Hubby's Mum married again to an eccentric Scientist hermit.  He was weird.  But she also adopted a son called Bruce that made us feel very unwelcome and uncomfortable.  

It seems that hubby's mum had changed due to her new friends and so I did not feel the same way about her as I had previously nor this new Bruce guy to whom I believe was in love with my mother-in-law.  I felt truly uncomfortable and so did my daughter Kelli

Anyway, let's not ruin a good blog.   You cannot blame people on gorgeous scenery.   And the scenery down at the bottom of Australia is wild, natural and amazing!



Why is this place so hard to find on the net?   Maybe because it is really off the beaten path? It is only 10k's out of Esperance along Telegraph Road.

I love mangrove swamps with boardwalks meandering through.  So to me, Monjingup Swamp is my kind of place. 
  It is a birders dream and photographers fantasy. 



Hopetoun is in between Esperance and Albany and a detour to the coast from Ravensthorpe.
We had a family camping adventure to Hopetoun in 2003.  This was a real adventure.  The sort where there are no camping facilities, no toilets, no bbq's, no caravan park swimming pool. 

This was pure camping in the middle of nowhere.  But the exciting bit was that we camped right behind the most amazing pure white sand beach,  just behind the beach dunes.

We went in summer so the water was warm.  The flies were bad! The only way you could escape the flies was to swim underwater at the beach.  At night we had big mozzie coils.  There was no internet and no radio, so we kept amused by playing cards and chess etc.
The trip into town wasn't too far, about 15mins.  So we were able to stock up on supplies and ice.  We buried our meat and drinks in drums of ice in the ground.  The boys had to dig big holes which wasn’t too hard in the soft sand.  Our campsite had lots of shade so that assisted to keep our stocks underground fresh. 
This was true Aussie camping and an exciting adventure.
One of the best memories was when the boys caught fish that we cooked on our camp fire.  There's nothing like fresh fish!!

Witch Rock?....  😁

In the National Park west of Hopetoun

Salt Lakes on the way back to Perth


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