Back in 1998 we lived in Esperance for a year with family. Esperance is way down the bottom of Australia next to the Great Bight (that's the bitten off bit downunder).
Esperance has quite a few nice things to see and do. 


To me is the prettiest beach in Australia - more picturesque

 than the famous Whitehaven beach in Queensland.  Only 

problem is that you can only swim here for a couple of

 months in the middle of summer.  The rest of the time it's too

 cold..... being only a small jump from Antarctica.



Cape Le Grande is where huge granite rocks and boulders meet the Great Southern Ocean.  The views here are magnificent. 

There are camp sites complete with gas bbq's, camp kitchens and public toilets.  You will see plenty of wildlife and birds and there are lots of bushwalks.



Pink Lake is a popular attraction in Esperance.  It is pink due to the high salt content and algae that grows in it. 



Lake Monjingup is not a popular attraction, however I just loved it here.  If you like mangrove swamps then this is your place 😄.  There is a meandering boardwalk through the swamp and plenty of birdlife.  This place is so peaceful.


Esperance was good for the time that we spent there.  Hubby scored a job as the local Garbo (Rubbish Truck Driver).

The kids enjoyed catching the bus to the local school and son Dylan achieved the Dux of his Grade 2 class.

It was here that our dear dog Patches had her first litter.
It was the coldest, wettest night of winter.  The poor thing endured a lot.  Hubby's mum kept one of her pups and they called her Bindi - a pain in the grass lol.


We received bad news that my mum was sick and needed us to be there with her in Sydney, so we had to pack up and cross the Nullarbor again and back to Sydney.

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