1997 - Jamestown and Edithburgh

I don't really have much that is positive to say about South Australia, well except for the wine - which I needed to get me through severe depression at having moved here.

We lived in Jamestown and Edithburgh for 6 months each as hubby scored a good job with Green Corps doing various environmental projects with groups of unemployed people assisting them to gain valuable experience to improve future job prospects.

We were all pretty much glad to move on when the projects came to an end.  We have some interesting memories from our adventures here.  If you are thinking of visiting SA, do yourself a favour and don’t bother.

Adelaide is a small town with a church on every corner.  The only good thing Adelaide has going for it is a German town called Harndorf in the hills and the Claire and Barossa Valley.


Hubby arrived in Adelaide about 3 weeks before us.  When the kids and I flew in hubby had arranged a weekend stay for us in the hills.  We had a quaint English looking cottage with a cosy fireplace.

Hubby got the fire going but didn't open the flue to let the smoke out through the chimney.  It wasn't long before the house was full of smoke and then the alarm went off.  So embarrassing.  Luckily the owner was just a phone call and block away and was fine about it all.  It happens often he said.  Phew!



Jamestown is about 2 hours north of Adelaide.  It's just a small country town with a pub on each of its 4 corners.

The only good thing about Jamestown was the school cookbook.  The kids thought it was great that we had a lemon tree in the back yard.  Lemons are so expensive.  I don't know why. But my children knew that and it wasn't long before they were bagging up those lemons and selling them around the neighbourhood to buy lollies from the garage next door.  They had learnt at a young age to be money savvy.  Come to think of it, they probably learnt that back at the caravan park in Hastings Point.  When hubby caught an abundance of fresh fish we went around the caravan park selling them to the tourists.

There was a stream here in Jamestown where the kids loved to feed the ducks.  

It was here in Jamestown that I woke up one morning to hear that princess Di had passed away.  So sad.

We never did the Barossa wineries but we did get to a few in the Claire Valley which is half way to Adelaide.

Annie's Lane and Jim Barry are my favourites here.  Fine red wine and good Port.


It was here in Jamestown that a farmer gave is a cute little cross border collie/kelpie puppy. Patches was with us for the next 14 years and travelled with us twice across the Nullarbor and then flew with us when we relocated from Sydney to Perth.

In memory of our dear Patchy ❤



One of the projects took hubby out to the Flinders Ranges.  He enjoyed it so much that he couldn't wait to take us out there.  Nice scenery along the way with the odd abandoned house and red outback Aussie dirt.  

There's a place out there called Wilpena Pound which is a huge natural amphitheatre.  Looks like a big old volcano but apparently it's not.  Anyway, it's quite impressive.



Located on the Yorke Peninsula directly opposite Adelaide with a stretch of water in between.   The desolate, windy bottom of the world.

Edithburgh is a little fishing village with a rugged saltwater pool amongst the rocks on the sea front.  Most afternoons in summer the whole town would be down at the rock pool after school closed.  There were a few days in summer when the temperature went over 38c.  Yes we were surprised about that being way down the bottom of  Australia and a hop skip and jump from Antarctica.  Anyway for those couple of hot days the school knocked off early and everyone met up at the pool.

Wasn't much else to do here except squid jigging off the jetty.  Thank goodness we were not staying in winter! 

The beach a bit further down however was usually deserted and had pure white sand. When the tide was out, it was way out.


I don't drive.  That's a good thing because hubby and I have saved a lot on not having the expense of 2 drivers and cars plus 2 overheads etc.  I dont know how some families do it.

Anyway the kids and I had bikes. I doubled our youngest Janine on my bike.  I was very fit back then.  The bike ride into York the next town was quite a way.  We had been out for the day.  Coming home we were all exhausted.  That was when I had a bright idea.

We had at least 2 k's to bike home, but the back of our home was directly across from us, across the wheat field.  So we took a short cut.  Only I wasn't planning on being stopped by the wheat.  It wasn’t long before we had to hop off our bikes and start walking.  Then the grass grew taller and we were pushing the bikes harder.  This wasn't supposed to go like this.   It felt like a dark nightmare, only it was real.  Very real.

We were hot, we were tired and everyone was complaining,   I had to piggyback young Janine, and my arms felt like dropping off.   I could not see above or through the grass.  Were we still headed in the right direction or had we strayed off course?  This was bad.

Finally we emerged from the nightmare and found our way home.  Ever had a run in with wheat?   Nasty stuff.   We had scratches and were picking it out of our clothes for days after.  I threw the kids socks away.   And they haven't let me live that story down since!!.... lol.

Even though both hubby and I have had what we feel are good jobs, we have not earned nearly as much as a lot of other people.  That has taught us to budget well.  In fact you could call us scrooges.   I don't waste money on private health and schooling.   I have never paid a cent for giving birth to 4 children or for any operation I have had.   I don't see the sense in paying for private health cover and then having to pay the excess if I want to make a claim.   That has never made sense to me.  When private health cover came out I couldn't understand why so many embraced it.  You get your own doctor they say. All of the Docs I have had in the public health have been excellent.   No problem.   Insurance itself is another money waster.   I don't do house contents insurance.   If I lost the lot, I wouldn't be too bothered.  I am sad that Medicare does not cover teeth.   Having teeth fixed is dreadfully expensive.  Why?

So hubby and I go to Kuala Lumpur.  Why pay $10,000 for an implant here when you can get one in KL and pay just $2,500?  

Anyway, what I am getting at is that I have learnt to budget real tight.   When we lived in the resort in Hastings Point, things were tough.   We would live from pay to pay.  The bills got paid first, I would write my list of weekly meals and forecast the shopping list with approximate $ amounts so the total wouldn't go over our budget.   There's nothing more embarrassing than being at the checkout and your card is declined.

So here we are in our mouse infested house in downtown Edithburgh and hubby got a good pay.   Finally!   I get to splurge on the groceries without having to budget.   We spent nearly $400!!   That felt real good.  Young Dylan here is showcasing our full fridge. 



The Yorke Peninsula is the funny little bit of coastal land opposite Adelaide.  The coast is quite rugged and surrounds fields of wheat and farming pasture which is flat and uninteresting.  If you find a nice bay area surrounded by steep granite rocks, please be aware of occasional huge coastal surge.  Looks can be deceiving here.  The waves may look ok but every now and then you'll get a huge wave roll in unexpectedly.

That happened to us and I had to run at top speed screaming at young Dylan.  Luckily I grabbed him and outran the huge wave!  That was scary.


Finally we were on the move again.  All packed up for our long trip across to the other side of Australia on the long straight stretch of road called the Nullarbor.  Please follow along next blog.

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