1990 - NIMBIN

Before we lived on the coast we lived for a short time at a place called Nimbin.  Yes we were hippies for a while.  😊 

If you haven't heard on Nimbin, best click the link above. It is pretty much the hippy capital of Australia and a pretty cool place to visit.

Back in the late 80's when we had our first house on the central coast north of Sydney, the interest rates went sky rocketing to 18 3/4 percent. We simply could not afford that so we sold up and dropped out of society for a while living in a commune in Nimbin called Robs Farm. Life was good and simple.
I enjoyed our outside bath that we heated the water with a fire underneath.  Nice bathing whilst looking at the stars.  The mountain stream water was cold though and I didn't like not being able to see through the muddy water in the water holes nor the feel of squishy mud underneath my feet. But once in... it was refreshing.
We were lucky to have a caravan. The neighbour, a nice lady with her 2 daughters lived in an big army tent.

Daisy, Our Kelli and Rose



We quite enjoyed growing our own vegies. There's a good feeling when you pick fresh salad stuff straight out of the garden and onto the table. We decided to take this fresh stuff one step further and bought a couple of mummy cows – Milo and Daisy with a view to having fresh milk. Dumb decision.
Did you know that cows can hold the cream back?  So we are both having a go at hand milking, got a nice sizeable bucket worth, but the taste was horrible?  The farmer later told us that we had to give the cow and udderly big boot in the milk producer to make her drop the cream ?!
There's no way we were going to do that. how cruel!  So cows and calves were re-sold..... and we broke even 
After experiencing watery cows milk.... it made the yucky powdered stuff taste soooo much better 
We should have known milo and daisy would be trouble from the beginning.
In the very first week they escaped from the paddock and hubby had to chase them back in, running in his big black gum boots through the long grass.  
I nearly pee'd myself laughing. 🤣



Living in Nimbin was close to the Border Ranges which is nice to visit.  Be careful though as some of the paths don't have fencing between the path and steep drops which is not good if you have a fear of heights.


If you like a good bush walk and a bit of a challenge, you should do the walk up Mt. Warning.... the first point to see sunrise in Australia. It’s a popular walk on new years eve.
I've only completed the walk once when I was 15. It's pretty much a full day hike.
But if you don't want to do it, that's fine because you can take a picnic and then have a wander through the rainforst along the mountain stream.

Most people have heard of Byron Bay.... a popular surf spot and for whale watching.  Around Easter they also hold the annual blues festival to which we went a couple of times.  You'll find the link above helpful for a list of stuff to do and events on.
I also enjoyed the markets at Byron..... one of my favourites.
So.... we sold up..... kissed the cows and Nimbin goodbye and moved into town at Murwillumbah. At least we now didn’t have to travel nearly 2 hours each way to either Lismore or Murwillumbah to do a food shop. 

When living in Nimbin, we only had our first daughter Kelli. One day we were out shopping for native plants and visiting a range of nurseries.  We had been at this for quite a while and were impressed that young Kelli hadn't complained as yet.... although she had asked for an ice cream twice by now.
Finally.... 3yro kelli had had enough.... folded her arms.... rolled her eyes.... huffed.... stared out the window.... and yelled...... 
"You spoilt my whole day!!"

Needless to say.... we muffled our laughter.... and baby Kelli finally got her ice-cream.
One of those stories you still laugh about years later.  😁

Back in Murwillumbah and amongst civilisation..... we were in the shopping centre and Kelli wanted to visit the little ladies.
As we were entering.... Kelli in her high pitched loud voice yelled.... "Mum!! It's not a pit toilet?!!" 

The poor thing had been traumatised!! ..... "oh dear...." 😀
I am sure all of us parents have gone through this.  Feeling like we have failed as parents......
We lived in Murwillumbah for a little while sharing a house with another couple and thier children.  The house was huge and had 7 bedrooms.  It used to be the old hospital. I wasn't really comfortable living there. It felt a bit spooky.
In sugar can burning season, we had to endure embers floating around from the nearby fires.  That was also a little uncomfortable.
So that is how we ended up on the coast at North Star Caravan Park.  That was a good move having always loved the beach...... and the simple life...... the 7 years that we spent at Hastings Point is forever in my memory.  And that was where our next 2 children Dylan and Janine were born. (Both in Murwillumbah hospital).

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