Favourite Animal Photos

I am more of a flower and gardens person rather than animals.
But occasionally an inquisitive squirrel or cute toucan can take my fancy 😄

So below are some animals I could't help but take a pic of.

As usual, enjoy and don't forget to say G'day. 



Pelican, Shoalhaven Heads NSW

Pidgeon, Narooma NSW

Seal, Narooma NSW

Pewlicans, Coorong National Park SA

Ducks, Murray River SA

Eagles, Flinders Ranges NT

Emu, Flinders Ranges NT

Camels, Erldunda Roadhouse NT

 Rock Wallaby, MacDonnell Ranges NT

 Lizard, MacDonnell Ranges NT

 Dragonfly, Litchfield National Park NT

Cows, Gibb River Road WA

Eagle, Gibb River Road WA

Peacock, DerbyWA

Lizard, Broome WA

Peacock, Sandfire Roadhouse WA

Bird, Emu Creek Station WA

  Butterfly, Emu Creek Station WA

Pelican, Walpole WA

Duck, Pemberton WA

Butterfly, Cape Richie WA

Seagull, Albany WA

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